Sunday, February 28, 2010

Well Done...!

It has been a lot of fun being in the centre of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. It really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I'm glad Phinnaeus and Marigold were able to experience it as well. And to all the athletes from all over the world who worked and trained so hard, and participated in these games, I can only say, "Well done". When an athlete gets to the Olympic level of proficiency and expertise, there really are no winners or losers. They're all amazing and it was a joy to watch them compete. In addition to their athletic abilities, they are all truly good sports, and they demonstrated such determination and grace. Of course, being a Canadian, I am proud of the fact that the incredible Canadian athletes won 14 gold medals for Canada, a new Olympic record for any country. Previously the record was held by the Soviet Union who won 13 gold medals at the Olympic games in Innsbruck in 1976, and Russia and Norway tying for 13 gold medals in Salt Lake City in 2002.

And to Mr. E.A. B***** (a Canadian, and a professional curmudgeon...) who said in a private e-mail to me a few days ago,

"Anyone with half a brain would recognize that Canada will never be a power group in terms of medals won, at any Olympics ... history even guarantees that notion..."

I say to him,

"I'm very, very happy that our wonderful, talented athletes have proven you to be very, very wrong. Now, here's a knife and fork -- you can eat your words."

It has been fun, too, meeting people from all over the world and enjoying the friendly camaraderie. Vancouver is a beautiful city, isn't it? And the good news is, in a few days everyone will have gone home, and the city will be all mine again.

...Kidding, kidding...!



ρομπερτ said...

Dear Jo,
hopefully you are fine. As I don't watch any TV for years now, it has been of much joy and interest to read your reports about the olympic games.
One might like to offer you a medal of gold for that as well, saying: Well done !
Please have a wonderful start into spring, the new month and week as well.

Jo said...

Robert...! Thank you...! *heh* Have a wonderful week.



Canarybird said...

I've also enjoyed your comments on the games Jo, as they are so far away from me here. So thank you for keeping us up to date!
But I was also pleased to hear that my 15 year old hockey playing grandson was able to fly from Calgary yesterday with his dad to walk the streets of Vancouver for a couple of days to absorb some of that wonderful Olympic spirit and they even got tickets to the final gold medal hockey game! So they will have a lifetime memory after being in that arena tonight. And now for the closing ceremony in an hour...I'll have my box of tissues ready and wouldn't miss it for anything!

Michelle said...

It was a great olympics. Some tragedy but the human spirit rose to the occasion.

How dare someone make such a comment. Why would Canada be any different than anyone else! I'm glad he get's to eat his words.

Jo said...

Sharon, my goodness how absolutely exciting that your grandson and his dad got tickets to the hockey game. That must have been the BEST place to be at that moment. That's wonderful...!!! I'm looking forward to the closing ceremony too. :-)

Michelle, yes, I am afraid I do get sick and tired of Canadians knocking their own country. It seems to be a national pastime here. Not anymore! *heh*

Russell said...

I could hear the Canadians cheering this afternoon -- and I live 2,000 miles away! Heh!

Country Girl said...

Great game tonight. Great games all-round. I've enjoyed watching them with your beautiful city as a backdrop.

patterns of ink said...

I am sad to see the olympics come to an end. I have watched these winter games more faithfully than any in the past. More than once, I've caught myself saying (especially during the coverage of VC in general)"I have a friend in VanCouver," which is sort of funny since the only person I know there is you (and some of your blogging friends), but that is the kind of community that blogging creates. So let me say from a similar climate 2000 miles away, congrats on the hockey win and on letting the world know what a beautiful place you have been blogging about for years!

Donnetta Lee said...

So happy that you are happy and congrats to Canada! D

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Congrats to your country!! Really, it will be like having company leave, won't it?

Nicole said...

Yay for Canada!

Blue Ridge Mountains said...

Job well done, Canada.
Loved the curling and the skaters.

Kathryn said...

Hi Jo,
I'm watching the closing ceremonies with a great deal of national pride. What a great 17 days we've had, eh? ...and to end it all with flying moose and dancing beavers - too much!
Having way too much fun just being Canadian,
Kathryn : )
14 gold - not too shabby!

Mia said...

Is it all over? How many gold medals did Israel win?

It would be funny if it started snowing in Vancouver now.

Amy said...

Every Canadian should be proud, not just for the number of medals won, but for the warm hospitality they showed athletes and visitors. I've read more than one story about the generosity shown - and it showed on the TV screen as well.

I was personally hoping the Canadians would win the ice hockey gold, and they did! The cross country ski event (50 kilometers) today was unbelievable. All the skiing was incredible to watch and the short track extremely exciting!

Bravo Jo~!

Belizegial said...

Well done to all the participants. You're right, they're all winners to have reached thhis level of expertise. That makes the gold medals all the sweeter. Enjoy the return of your fair city to its rightful owners. LOL

Firefly said...

Vancouver must be sighing a collective sigh of relieve. Now the world is starting to get their bags together for the Soccer World Cup in South Africa. We can't wait for it, but also can't wait for it to be over.

So many people are so very negative about the World Cup in SA and is saying as much negative things as possible. And if something goes wrong they will be the first to say I told you so. But after the event goes down successfully (and it will), they will be quiet. We will need lots of forks and knives here when the event is over.

mrsnesbitt said...

And so to 2012 and UK..........I hope we are ready for it! lol!

The Bug said...

Oh we had the best time watching the Olympics this year. Like patterns of ink said - I kept thinking, "I know someone there!" Heh.

I LOVED the closing ceremony where they joked about the fourth leg of the torch - that was hilarious. And Catherine O'Hara saying to all the guests, "come back again - just not all at the same time!"

When they were showing the preview of the games in Russia I wondered where we'll be & what we'll be doing in four years time...

DJan said...

It was a wonderful Olympics. As an American, I was surprised at how much I was cheering for Canada. Can I now become Canadian? I loved the hockey game!!!

Katy said...

Jo, thank you thank you for all of your Olympic reports!

Canada should be proud. The city of Vancouver was such a great host. From watching and reading about these games it seems like the Olymic spirit, that had become so comercialized, has been returned to the people. A giant testment to the spirit and kindness of all Canadians!

Thanks again Jo!

PinkPanthress said...

I was so happy for Canada last night, my family looked at me as if I was insane when I screamed at Crosby's goal that made them Win! :D

My faves in this Winter Games are Team Martin in Curling & the Crosby Boy in Ice-Hockey!!! They really gave it all! <3²

But I'm also glad for everyone there, that all those Olympic Tourists & the hectic will ebb away in the coming Days! ;)

Charles Gramlich said...

Congrats to Canada. It looked like a good game.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Congrats, especially for the ice hockey gold and dramatic final game. Now I can get some sleep.

Jennifer said...

Well, I have to say congratulations. Canada played well, and it was a very exciting game. We're a little sad on this side of the border, though.

Susan said...

One of my favorite moments was when the head of the IOC officially announced the games were closed.
Did you hear the collective "awwww" from the crowd?
He grinned a little.

Lorac said...

I feel bereft with out the games today! LOL From this side of the country to your side of the country, all I can say is "Well Done! As for that final amazing medal, about time the men caught up to the women!! Just teasing!

Whitney Lee said...

When my husband told me that Canada won the hockey game I thought of you and said a little thanks. I'm happy for all of you; as you said, hockey is Canada's game!

myletterstoemily said...

we are all so pleased with the fabulous way
your beautiful country hosted the winter
olympics. the russians have big shoes
to fill!

what a hockey game! congratulations on the


Nezzy said...

You should be proud sweetie. Your country was a beautiful host of the Olympics. Congratulations on the soccer win. Now go ahead and pop those buttons!!!

God bless and have a beautiful day!!!

Jo said...

Hello, everyone. I'm so glad you enjoyed the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. I think the organizers did a fabulous job. I am not only impressed, I am amazed. And they are going to keep some of the pavilions open during the Paralympics as well. Yay! What a great bunch of folks they are. They did an amazing job, didn't they?



Mclndesm said...

Bravo Canada!! I agree 100% with your comment on those who make to the Olympics to compete are winners already. Congrads on the hockey win too, as a Bostonian I looooooove hockey and formidable opponents!