Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This past weekend was a long weekend here in Canada, and I took a trip to Vancouver Island. When I was there, I saw this wonderful sign on a dairy farm, and I laughed. Oh, yes.  It's true, isn't it?  No matter how diligent we are with our lives ... Manure Happens.  We just have to laugh.  I have been experiencing some difficulties getting into my own blog this past week.  Argh...  Why is it when something is not broken, folks feel they have to fix it anyway?  Blogger was just fine the way it was, thank you very much.

Vancouver Island has some wonderful artists, writers, painters, sculptures and potters, and I found this little guy at a potter's gallery just outside of Coombs.  I couldn't resist him.  He is a mug, and his handle is at the back of his head.  This is -- exactly! -- what I feel like before I have my first cup of morning coffee.  I can't start the day without coffee, and Mr. Grumpy and I can share it together.  And now that I have finally figured out how to get into my blog again, I am a little less grumpy myself.  I have more photographs to share with you, but time does not permit me to post any of them at the moment.  Mr. Grumpy and I shall return shortly.

Have a fabulous day, everyone.




Meryl Baer said...

I had problems with blogger back in April. It is so frustrating because you cannot contact them. Is it you? Is it them? Tech support is nonexistent, but I guess we get what we (don't) pay for.

Leslie: said...

When are we going to have another "excellent adventure?" Glad you had a great time on VI.

DJan said...

That mug is priceless! I also was locked out of my blogs for awhile, and others have had problems in various ways. I love Vancouver Island, too, BTW.

Leilani Tresise said...

LOVE the sign!!! ironic thing is Manure makes great fertilizer.... all that manure makes things grow!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

What a hilarious sign. So glad Jo you stopped and captured the pic for us to laugh with you.
I think your mug is darling. I wish I drank coffee because these Diet Dr. Peppers I drink each morning are not good for you like coffee.
Hope your having a wonderful week

Alicia said...

I've been having issues as too. Seems as though blogger likes Google Chrome and I don't! So they are compatible and they don't play well together *sigh*

heartinsanfrancisco said...

So glad you had a fabulous time.

I can't work my blog either. Posting pictures is impossible now and it's a real struggle altogether. They seem to have changed me to the new format which I didn't want when they introduced it a couple years ago, and it's so painful and frustrating I may stop blogging, even though I don't want to.

Paula Slade said...

Cute coffee mug Jo!

I had a problem a couple of weeks ago when they changed the blog format, and it frustrated me so much I wrote a rather terse letter, as it was also on the heels of Google reinventing the "look" of my gmail.

Well, nothing was done about the gmail, but I did manage to get my old format back. However, I'm not sure if it's going to last.

I'm with you - why fix something that isn't broke? Perhaps to justify someone's technological existence?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for more posts and photos of Vancouver Island.