Sunday, April 14, 2013

Not Another Trudeau...!

We don't need another Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada, and we certainly don't need a dynasty. No one would have heard of this man if his last name had not been Trudeau. He should pay his dues first, and gain some experience instead of becoming a puppet for the backroom boys. He is an ex-school teacher and a political lightweight with a penchant for gaffes, and a wafer-thin record on policy matters. He has a sense of entitlement because of his name.

Canada deserves better. Please, no more Trudeaus. The first one was bad enough.


Leslie: said...

Canadians have very short memories when it comes to politics! See what's happening right here in British Columbia, let alone the entire nation! I totally agree with you here.

Jo said...

Leslie, yes. It's going to be a very interesting spring. :-)

Linda said...

His resume sounds a little like our president's.