Monday, December 7, 2009

My Christmas Wish List

When I was a little girl, I always used to write out my Christmas Wish List around the first week of December. In the little town where I grew up, Santa visited the radio station every day at lunchtime, and he would read the children's Christmas Wish Lists over the radio. And then with a big, jolly, "Ho, Ho, Ho" he would talk to the children whose lists he had read that day, and tell us he would do his very best to get them at least some of the things on the list. I was generally happily surprised, especially the year I got my first pair of ice skates. They were definitely my favorite gift. I don't live in that small town anymore, but I think Santa is a 21st Century kind of guy, and he probably reads the blogs while he is taking a break and having a drink of rum and egg nog up there in the North Pole. So, I thought I would write my Christmas Wish List here and hopefully Santa will cruise by and read it.

Okay, Dear Santa, here goes...

1. I love anything from Crabtree and Evelyn.
2. A book, preferably a biography. I love biographies of the Royal Family. They are an extremely interesting crowd.
3. A ticket to an event -- any event -- of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. I won't hold my breath for this one, though, Santa, because I know it would be impossible.
4. For my family to be happy and healthy, and for a certain individual to stop getting so angry with me all the time for things I cannot humanly prevent.
5. Please, Santa, can you get rid of the flying nun wings in my hair, and while you're at it, could I please have a smaller nose?
6. Earrings. I always love earrings. Silver earrings.
7. Oh ... and world peace.

Have I sounded too greedy? I don't want to ask for more than I deserve. I have reached an age where it is more fun to give than to receive. So I guess at the top of my list would be for everyone to get at least one thing on their Christmas Wish List. They all deserve it, don't you think?

Santa, thank you.

Your friend, Jo.

P.S. I have been good. Well ... I've tried...


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Nancy said...

I do hope Santa is listening. And no, you are not greedy, in fact loving and sincere.

Jennifer D said...

You deserve it all, you have made my year much brighter.

PS- you have great taste.

Country Girl said...

Too greedy? Nah. Sounds like a great list to me.
And I like how your hair looks.

houndstooth said...

I just want Barnes and Noble to deliver my nook on time. I know, it's so materialistic, and yet, it's what I really want! I hope that you get all the things you asked for!

Alicia said...

I had to go take a closer look at your nose and it's such a cute little nose! I think Santa should concentrate on the world peace and tickets to the olympics events instead :-)

Shaista said...

Will you email me your snail mail address? Santa has left something for you here that I should like to post on to you :)

Mia said...

If Santa only visits the good boys and girls does that mean I was never good?

Pan's Island said...

I love this idea! I think I'll write a letter to Santa on my blog as well - I've been thinking about it lately anyway.
When I turned 19 my Mum gave me a couple of photo albums - they were full of mementos and photos from my entire childhood up until that birthday - my first baby t-shirt, soccer pics, girl guide badges, that sort of thing. I was looking at it recently and I found a letter to Santa (I guess he returned it to my Mum after he read it, lol). She made one of these albums for my brother and sister too. It was one of the greatest gifts I ever received on my birthday - the gift of happy memories :)

Maggie May said...

That was a lovely post.
I think your Santa list is far from selfish. You had some really good things on it for the rest of the world. World peace....... you can't get much more unselfish than to ask for that!

Many thanks for your good wishes for me....... yes.... prayer is powerful. I shall be posting about this soon.

Nuts in May

Firefly said...

The Damselfly and I don't really do the gift thing for each other, but spoil the kids as much as finances allow. But if I could make a list and budget wasn't really a problem, I would like a DSLR camera to take my photography further and an external harddrive to store my pics on.

the walking man said...

Dear I have informed you in years past if I hear anyone coming down my chimney I will shoot before I call 911.

Once again thank you for staying out of the 'hood.

kenju said...

Your list is very similar to my list, especially #4. I would change #5 to ask for a smaller stomach!

ivan said...


It looks like some tipsy bilingual Swede just tumbled down Jo's chimney. Ah well. It's the season.

all that i am said...

You were Santa to me today...somewhere sitting down with your nog and reading my blog...AND leaving a comment!?!
I am discouraged about blogging, photgraphing, and the season...
Your words were true gift...

DUTA said...

Here's something nice for you:

activate the link below:

Land of shimp said...

Not too greedy at all, Jo :-) Plus, half the fun of Christmas is outwardly embracing our inner kid! Dream big and marvel, I say!

Also, yikes to the current first post here. That's...lump coal worthy to barge in with unrelated stuff to advertise a blog.

Donna B said...

Hello, always a joy to visit your blog...and I really like your idea to send an open letter to Santa. No way are you asking for too much, when you give way much more!!! It has been a pleasure to get to know you this year. You were one of my first original three to follow me and I am so grateful. Your writing inspires of my wishes, is to want to see more of your art!!! Happy Holidays to you!!!

JeannetteLS said...

Somehow, Jo, I don't see you and greedy as belonging in the same BOOK, let alone sentence. I hope your list is fulfilled. LORD, how I hope your wish list is filled. Take care.

Charles Gramlich said...

Yeah, world peace. Yeah!

Pauline said...

ho, ho, ho ;)

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Nothing selfish about world peace. Unrealistic, perhaps, but selfish? No. And the rest of it is nothing Santa can't pull off with his hands tied behind his sled compared to that.

Jo said...

Kraxpelax, welcome to my blog. :-)

Nancy, *heh*. Thank you.

Jennifer, omigoodness, thank you!

Kate, *heh* you should see me on a humid day. A good gust of wind could carry my wings aloft. :-)

Houndstooth, I have ordered a book that I hope is delivered on time too. :-)

Alicia, *chuckle* thank you...!

Shaista, what a lovely person you are...!

Mia, oh, goodness no...! Maybe your Santa is in a different guise. :-)

Pan's Island, Your album sounds wonderful. I put an album together recently like that for my daughter. I think she liked it.

Maggie May, I think you have the whole blogosphere praying for you. You will get through your journey successfully, I just know it.

Firefly, oh yes...! And you take such fabulous pictures now. My goodness!

Mark, well, you do live in Detroit. *heh*

Kenju, *heh* Me too, truth be known. :-)

Ivan, *heh, heh* and he has my Christmas Wish List.

All That I Am, you have an absolutely lovely blog...! Give it time. Just keep blogging. :-)

Duta, omigosh, that's WONDERFUL...!!! Thank you. I have added it to my favorites. I will spend hours there. :-)

Alane, *heh* I don't know who that person is, but -- what the heck. :-)

Donna...! What a lovely compliment. Thank you. I haven't had time to visit many of my favorite blogs lately, but I will be over to visit you. :-)

Jeanette, aw... Thank you. You know what? I hope you get everything you wish for too -- and more!

Charles, ya always gotta wish for world peace. *heh*

Pauline, *heh, heh, heh*

Susan, yes. *heh* Especially the silver earrings. :-)

Paula Slade said...

Just remember - Santa does hear you Jo! - I'm sure he'll come through with the wishes that are most important! ;)