Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm Still Here...

The month of May has flown past, hasn't it? Where did it go? I am still having difficulty getting into Blogger, but I think I have figured it out now. My time lately has been taken up with other things, but I have missed blogging and all my blogging friends. I will be back soon. Watch this space. This summer I will be attending a high school reunion on Vancouver Island. The high school I went to was one of the largest in British Columbia, and all of our graduating class will be attending the reunion. Folks are coming from as far away as France and Australia. It should prove to be very interesting, to say the least. High School reunions are a bit like the movie "Peggy Sue got Married". The dorky guy grows up to become a millionaire, and the captain of the football team is now bald and drives a taxi. It's always bittersweet to go back to the town where one grew up, but to see all the kids who have now turned into their parents -- well, that's just scary. And yes, I will get pictures.

Have a fabulous day everyone!



Bruce Coltin said...

It's nice to hear your voice.

Leslie: said...

May has turned back into November! I hope June is better!

SparkleFarkel said...

I've missed you dearly.

My 40th high school class reunion is this Friday. I would much rather rotate my own tires and then hibernate with skunks than attend.

Linda Myers said...

The last reunion I attended was my 20th, way back when. I put some ghosts to rest and haven't been back.

Have a great time!

Sextant said...

@ SparkleFarkle

I fell out of my chair! I'll bring my jack, impact gun, and 5 gallons of Fabreze (actually I prefer the skunks to Fabreze).

I was politely not going to comment when I read Jo's post, but you, my dear, inspired me.

High school was one of those places that had three castes, the beautiful people, the thugs, and we the meaningless dung encrusted nobodies, that, when not getting our asses kicked by the thugs were supposed to entertain ourselves by watching the high drama of the Illumanati that Oh so mattered.

My 45th is this summer. No thanks, I'll rotate my tires with SparkleFarlke, we probably won't find the need to kick each other's ass or gaze at the beauty, the poise, the intelligence, the athleticism, sex appeal, and absolute luster of one another. We'll just rotate our tires, have a friendly beer, and try not to piss off the skunks.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

High school reunions are bizarre. I didn't attend my most recent one a few years ago on the other coast but saw lots of pictures and would not have recognized most of them without captions. (I doubt they would have recognized me either.)

You will wow them at yours as you look amazing for whatever age!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I am still having a terrible time with Blogger. It was fine the way it was - why did they have to make it so difficult to get into ones own blog and to post, never mind trying to make changes afterward. It's frustrating.

Stephen said...

I've been to three high-school reunions: the 10th, 25th, and 40th. (My high school is over 2,000 miles from where I live.) At the 10th, many of us, including myself, were still trying to live up to whatever lofty expectations we might have had for ourselves.

By the 25th, the majority had put on weight and lost some hair. A few classmates were spectacularly successful, but unlike the movies where they pull up in a limo, they didn't want to talk about their success. Other classmates had crashed and burned, and a few were dead.

Everyone who went to the 40th was glad to see each other. No one, even the aforementioned successful, had escaped life's vicissitudes---the death of someone close, divorce, mental illness, substance abuse. No one talked about money, fame, and power. No one cared which high school clique we were in. I had long and deep conversations with classmates I hardly knew. You may to your surprise enjoy your reunion and wonder why you were so apprehensive.

Final thought: yes, there will be gossip, especially about people who aren't there. So you'd better go as a defensive measure!

Paula Slade said...

Hope you enjoy the gathering Jo! Reunions are fascinating events. I think, that as time goes by in our lives, there is a need to reconnect with our history, and perhaps that is why Facebook has been such a worldwide phenomenon.

Carol E. said...

I'm so glad you are posting again, or is it still! I went to my 10th h.s. reunion and then to my 40th. Both were slightly disgusting. The cool kids were still the rich, snooty "cool" old people. Yuck. I much prefer to spend my time elsewhere. I'll never go to another one.