Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Boredom...

When I was in school, I could hardly wait for summer holidays. "No more pencils, no more books..." And yet, by the time August rolled around, boredom had set in and I was actually looking forward to fall and getting back to school and my regular routine.  Often people will say September is their favourite month, and that is usually because it is the true beginning of the year.  I still feel that way.  There is nothing more exciting than new school supplies, complete with a fresh bouquet of newly sharpened pencils.  So, I laughed the other day when Phinnaeus said he was starting to get bored.  Thankfully, he has a summer job just as the Olympics are finishing, which gets him outdoors and earning some money.  But, he came up with a boredom equation that is so brilliant. I wanted to share it with you.

Boredom Equation, by Phinnaeus:

Boredom = (bv)(Ai)(C)(H%) / (F x Km), where:

Bv is the number of beach volleyball games you’ve seen.

Ai is the number of times you’ve seen an athlete interviewed that day.

C is degrees Celsius.

H% is humidity percentage.

F is the number of friends/people you’ve hung out with that day.

Km is the number of kilometres that you’ve travelled outside of your house.

Currently for me, this is (2 x 4 x 27 x 48) / (0 x 0).

Giving me a Boredom Level of 10368.

Work it out for yourself and see just how bored you are.

Note: if you get a zero, ignore the category. ~~ Phinnaeus.

Oh, yes, I know about boredom like that.  My cure for boredom is retail therapy.  What's yours?


The Bug said...

That is a fabulous equation! And so very true... In fact, I do believe I'll be leaving my house any minute now because I'm BORED!

PinkPanthress said...

Your Phinnaues is a bright guy.
I think I'll use this equation everytime I feel like something is off or a day is going by too 'slow'.

My cure for boredom, reading a good book while listening to my fave music.
Or learning a language. Verbs, grammar or so.

Linda Myers said...

Spending a few minutes in my burgeoning garden or going for a walk.

muthu said...

haha... nice equation.

Well, when I am bored- I call my friends so that I am not getting bored alone. :)

Leslie: said...

Sort of like being excited to go on a holiday, but even better to come home. :D

Em Parkinson said...

Hi there, I've just found you via Kate at Chronicles of a Country Girl and am so glad I did. It's lovely to read about those in different countries and I'm about to find just how bored I am using the fab formula. Eight year old son is pushing boredom boundaries today, even with friend round as it's tipping with rain here in England.

Will be adding you to my blog list too and look forward to your next post. Love the paintings too but wish there were more! I must work out how to have tabs at the top that take you to a gallery....

Best wishes,


Sextant said...

As a measure of my boredom, I must fault the math given in the example. Any number divided by zero is undefined by a calculator, but approaches infinity in theory. The answer provided would require a one for the result of (F X Km). As such the levels of boredom are actually far higher than indicated. Sorry to be such a bore.