Sunday, November 11, 2012

Captain Thomas Edward Larner

Long ago and far away
across the ocean
wild and wide,
the young men stormed
an alien shore
where many of them died.
Here and now
old men remember
the valor and the gore.
and the boyish faces
of their youth
that are young forever more

~~ William Bedford

My grandfather served in two wars, and he returned home and lived to be a very old man. But there was always something about him that was different, as if he had seen things no one should see.  What an awful sacrifice these folks make.


Leslie: said...

My Dad never spoke about the war until just before he died. He was lucky in that he didn't see the carnage but he did serve Canada by patrolling the Eastern seaboard for subs. He lost many of his friends overseas.

PinkPanthress said...

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

I think those who have seen war always carry it with them and may feel that those who have not had such an experience couldn't possibly understand, so they say nothing. My brother has talked with me about some of the horrors of Vietnam and I have seen the flashbacks and PTSD he suffered in the years just after the war. Those who have served this country in war -- whatever war -- have, indeed, made huge sacrifices that should be honored -- whether we ever hear their stories or not.

Cloudia said...

You well honor him and his fellows!

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Linda Myers said...

He had - seen things no one should see, that is. May he rest in peace.