Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tweeters, Twitters and Twits ... Oh, My

Well, apparently even God has a Twitter account.  I opened one a couple of years ago, and I have tweeted, twitted? twice.  To be honest, I find it difficult to keep up with the social media overload -- blogging, e-mail, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, Skype, Tumblr, Instagram, texting -- who has time for a real life anymore?  I'm not sure how to use my Twitter account.  If I want to tweet to someone else, do I go to their page, or do I tweet (twitter?) from my page?  And do I use a #hashtag or an @sign?  If I want to twitter to someone, do I have to follow them first, or do they have to follow me?  What if what I have to say is more than 140 characters?  Can I tweet twice?

I'm so confused.

Do any of us really have anything interesting to say?  Well, perhaps that is why the number of characters is limited.  Keep it short, sweetheart.  What you're saying is actually a giant yawn. Of the top 100 people who are followed on Twitter, Justin Beiber is number one, followed by Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.  Kim Kardashian is number 15 and Selena Gomez is number 22.  Justin Bieber?  Selena Gomez?

Kim Kardashian!?

What on earth do these people have to say?

One of Katy Perry's tweets was, "Back to werk."  Justin Bieber wrote, "How R U?"

Oh, good lord.

Last night I watched the finale of the execrable "Real Housewives of Vancouver."  I wanted to see what the social media was saying about the shriek-fest psychotic melt-down of Jody Claman at the party at Van Dusen Gardens.  Twitter, Facebook, and all the other social media sites absolutely lit up with tweets, twitters, Facebook entries and various and other sundry comments around the internet, regarding Jody's abusive behaviour towards Mary.  I understand that the police are now involved.  The news was instant, and I was almost able to read it, despite the abbreviations, shortforms, @signs and #hashtags.  At no other point in time have we been able to learn the latest news, the moment it happens.  And we can all participate. Got news?  Just tweet, text, blog, and post it on Facebook, all from the convenience of your smart phone.

I'm such a Luddite.  I suppose at this point I will just content myself with reading tweets, twitters and other little golden gems of wisdom and communication, until I figure out how to actually use it.

Good day 2 U. Hve a fab week and B well.


Leslie: said...

Well, I join you in my ignorance of all these new-fangled "toys." My cell phone is used as an emergency device in case I get stuck in the car somewhere. DL just got one of those new phones and he's still learning how to use the danged thing!

Jo said...

Leslie, I have an iPhone 4, and I use it for texting and phoning. I can take pictures with it and email them from my phone, and also send and receive emails. I can also log onto CNN, CBC, the New Yorker Magazine, etc., and I can access my Facebook and blogger, but the phone still makes me nervous. *heh*

Meryl Baer said...

I have regular tech sessions with my 8-year-old grandson and 20-something niece. I only understand a small portion of what they teach me, so I am a borderline social media-ite. I just don't have the energy or inclination to really get into it!

Jo said...

MerCyn, I thought I was a bit of a "techie", but I am only just realizing how little I really do know. :-)

Mac n' Janet said...

I use Twitter to keep up with our daughter wherever she may be in the world. Other than that I find it rather silly, but then I'm not 12 which seems to be the mental age of most Tweeters.

The Bug said...

I've never glommed onto tweeting because I don't have a smart phone & I can't access twitter on my work computer (unlike blogs which I can read all day long if I want - ha!). Plus I really do spend too much time on Facebook. When would I ever read a book or crochet if I'm keeping up with the twitterverse too? #notenoughhours

PhilipH said...

Yes, it's all far too much. Never mind; this too shall pass - thank goodness.