Sunday, November 16, 2008

Your Mother Wears Army Boots...!

Yes she does! I have been wearing my pedometer every day, trying to get to my goal of 10,000 steps per day, and I vary between 8,000 and 9,000 steps so far. But I have been wearing my niece's boyfriend's Nike Pegasus hiking shoes. He bought two pairs for the price of one and gave one pair to me, and I loved them, they were so comfortable. But they're not very ladylike, so I decided to buy a more ladylike walking shoe. I tried on this pair of Privos made by Clark, and they felt like walking on air. So I bought them, walked out of the store and felt wonderful.

Until I looked into a shop window and saw my reflection.

As I walked along the swanky, upscale shopping area known as The South Granville Rise, I kept catching glimpses of my feet in the store windows, and I realized my shoes looked exactly like clown shoes, completed with the round, turned-up toes. *sigh* I felt as if everyone was looking at my feet and laughing. There were all the Shaughnessy matrons in their Gucci and Prada shoes, and their expensive designer handbags, and there was I, in my clown shoes.

Oh, well, they're comfortable and they were on sale for half price. I wonder why...?


Pear tree cottage! said...

the song "these feet are made for walking and thats just what they'll do!!" now you have done it I cannot get it out of my head!! lol lol lol. Love visiting you Jo and wish I could more often then I do.

best wishes from Australia Lee-ann

CG said...

Oh, I do not have to catch my reflection, I have a 12 year old daughter to let me know how 'Dorkish' my sense (or lack of)of fashion is. I now go out of my way to ensure that all footwear is comfortable, at the same time ensuring it will look as hideous as possible.

btw, your shoes look grand!

Jo in Dubai

Lilly's Life said...

Oh that made me laugh. I just wish that walking shoes could be made to look more feminine in some way. I feel the same way. However, comfort is pretty critical wehn it comes to exercise. People may be staring because they are jealous, you never know.You will have the last laugh anyway, I bet!

KathyB. said...

You know, having had to wear corrective shoes almost all my childhood, I really like the idea of my shoes not standing out in any way from the shoes most people wear. Lately though, comfort has become a bit more important..I can see myself actually buying shoes that look a lot like the shoes I was embarrassed to wear as a child.

So, are the shoes really comfortable ?

BTW, I so applaud your last post about the homeless. Mental illness does play a part for some, and just bad things happening is the cause for others. I know some family, that for the generosity and kindness of strangers and friends and other family, would themselves have been homeless. When it strikes close to home you begin to appreciate the real need ! Thanks Jo !

Deb said...

there is nothing wrong with Clarks...I live in these all year round. Comfort must give way to silly little pointy shoes that cost way more than their worth. Imagine how many pairs of shoes you could buy for one pair of Gucci or Prada? Heck, that would provide an entire wardrobe.
I love your new shoes, Jo!

frizzy scissorhands said...

clarks ... good shoes.

re: blogger-in-draft [to get the import/export buttons in your settings] ~ here's the link

Charles Gramlich said...

I wish you had a pic of you "wearing" those shoes.

Anonymous said...

Lol! I want some of those comfy clown shoes.

Jo said...

Lee-Ann, welcome! It's nice to see you. Okay, guess which song I have going through my head now? *heh*

Jo, hello! I have a friend who used to work in Abu Dhabi. What a beautiful country you live in! And yes, I'm afraid I love dorkish shoes too. *sigh*

Lilly, I think I felt a bit self-conscious, but no one else probably noticed my clown shoes. Well, they definitely look better than my niece's boyfriends shoes. :-)

Kathy, I think a lot of women who have spent their lives wearing high heels end up having to wear corrective shoes later in life. Whoever invented those things, anyway?

Deb, my Clarks are now my favorite shoes, and they have pride of place in my shoe closet. All the other shoes are jealous. :-)

Frizzy, thank you for the link! That must be something new in Blogger, and I haven't seen it before.

Charles, that's easy. I will take a picture and post it. :-)

Carla, they are like walking on air! And no pointy toes. :-)

willow said...

Wow, you're good! I used to have one of those pedometer thingies. I should dig around for it. You are so funny. The Nikes look perfectly fine to me. Not a clownish thing about them! :^)

Leslie: said...

Ah, Josie, everyone is just jealous of your ability to make Clarks look like Pradas. And that your feet don't hurt! That's the most important thing, anyway - comfort and support.
Did you know that Cybil Shepherd always wears shoes like that? She even wears them under long ball gowns because she believes comfort comes above all else. So there you have it.
I'll be buying new walking shoes after my surgery to make sure I have good support and comfort.

Cedar said...

"I wonder why" The circus left down and the clown's forgot a trunk?

Jo said...

Willow, well, I have a good excuse. I don't own a car, so I walk everywhere. I love my clown shoes. :-)

Leslie, that's it! I make the Clarks look like Pradas. Heh heh... Yes, I have seen Cybil Shepherd's sneakers. Good for her, hey?

Cedar, okay, I just spritzed my tea all over my computer monitor. Oh, Gawd...! LOL!

Russell said...

The most comfortable shoes I own - by far - are my industrial strength work shoes complete with steel toes! Heh! They are so well made and so durable they are incredibily comfortable.

I often wear them to town when I go to the grocery store or run some errand. Here in farm country it is common to see men wearing work boots or shoes.

There are really two types of people where I live: people who live in the country and people who live in town! We don't even think about people who live in a city as that is so remote or foreign to us! Heh!! (It's all relative...!)

Take care.

Dr.John said...

If they are comfortable and good to walk in then believe me you get the last laugh. A lot of those fancy shoes are foot killers. said...

Shades of Tristan Tsara and the Dadaists and their weird shoes.
Dada shoes.
Or is that Bata?

With me, it's more like Privy than Privot.
Found a pair near the Johnny-on-the Spot. Construction site. Heavy boots. Two sizes too big, but what the hell. I'll get thick socks.
Shades of Charlie Chaplin!

Jo said...

Russell, I grew up in a logging town, and I always secretly wanted a pair of industrial strength logging boots (complete with steel toes). They always looked so comfortable, and I thought if I had a pair of those, I could go anywhere. To heck with whether they looked sexy or not. LOL.

Dr. John, oh, yes. Do you remember Steve Martin and "The Cruel Shoes?"

Ivan, *heh* if the boots are two sizes too big, you may end up walking like Charlie Chaplin.

Donnetta Lee said...

Josie: I HAVE to have comfortable shoes. I like Naturalizers, Easy Spirit, and S.A.S. shoes. None of mine are particularly pretty, but feel good. Right foot already getting arthritis. D**n it! Oh, well. Glad that God invented wearable shoes. Even if I do look frumpy. D

Jo said...

Donnetta, I love frumpy shoes. :-) There is nothing worse than sore feet. Good for you!

Anonymous said...