Thursday, June 18, 2009

What I Learned In School Today

"I don't think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday." ... Abraham Lincoln

I agree with Abraham Lincoln. We should each learn something new every day, and I definitely learned some things today.

The things I learned today:

1. Never try to run for the bus if you are wearing flip/flop sandals.

2. Be very careful whom you trust with your secrets. Sometimes the people you would least expect, are the ones who will betray your trust.

3. When you water your geraniums, always look to see who may be sitting on the terrace below.

4. Always speak up and ask for what you want. You just might be surprised and get it.

5. If it ain't broke ... don't fix it.

6. Be careful when you eat corn chowder; it will go through you like a rotor-rooter.

7. Life's short ... lighten up.

What did you learn in school today?


Marguerite said...

When push comes to shove and the going gets tough, the tough get going! T.G.I.F !

Come on over and pick up your award, Jo!

Philippines said...

7. Life's short ... lighten up.

Time is gold. I just realized it more.

greenpanda said...

Don't overlook things..... check all the details, no matter how small or insignificant.
And bring a tissue into an exam.

Alissa said...

Black clothing is a magnet for cat hair.

Some people are nice, and some people are jerks, and there's no way to tell the one from the other until you take the time to get to know them.

space4lady said...

Dont eat pineapple if u havent had your meal yet.
Dont wear heels if your class is on the 4th floor and apparently,there is no elevator.
Dont escape breakfast if u have class till noon.It keeps u awake n alive!

regards from Tasha.

A human kind of human said...

Don't go to work unless you have to.

I have a sore foot and stayed at home today with my boss's knowledge and blessing and guess what? I got more work done today at home than I would have done at work. Amazing!

Leslie: said...

I can just "see" you running for the bus in your flip-flops! lol

Choose your battles carefully.

Don't sweat the small stuff.

Life is short - Enjoy the moment.

PhilipH said...

1. I learned there is more to "Twitter" than just 140 characters.

2. I'm still learning to use it!

lovelyprism said...

You learned all that in one day? Must have been some kind of day! I haven't been awake long enough today to learn anything yet, except that I am an exceptionally lazy person. Self discovery is a wonderful thing. Bah.

Mean Mama said...

#4. I asked my math teacher to take a look at my grade because I calculated something different. Even though I'm bad at math I asked for a B+ and for her to recalculate. She did and I got the B+ instead of a B! Very last course AA complete with a better GPA than I expected.

Hilary said...

Don't close the Blogger window until you can SEE that you comment has been posted. ;)

Sounds like you had a very eventful day. Sorry to hear that trust issues were part of it.. and the corn chowder. lol

kenju said...

I learned I should never leave the house in hot weather without some water.

Luckily, I already knew about the corn chowder! LOL

robert said...

What a wonderful entry of yours!
Something that I did learn today was that it is mostly trust that my students are missing, providing them with feeling that I do believe in them, their abilities made them receive better marks.

Brenda said...

1. It pays to check around for insurance. I switched today and saved lots!
2. All the things you learned today.

The Bug said...

I learned that sometimes you go out looking for a bicycle & find southern style barbecue instead (yes, there's a blog post in there somewhere!).

My husband always checks the deck below ours before watering our geraniums - that's another nice thing about moving to the house!

Deedee said...

I learned that sometimes here in the USA, "job fairs" are really army/navy recruiting events!
And I also learned that Coney Island as so-named for the rabbits that once populated it.

Lorna said...

Jo, I know that you are way off younger than I am, but I think that in my 65 years of being alive, I've learned a lot, and that the one about being careful about entrusting secrets is the most important.


the walking man said...

Nothing until I got here and then I learned if I am going to eat corn chowder it may be best to have some clean underwear handy.

John said...

I learned there sure are a lot of coincidences! Yesterday I cleared out some clutter and found a couple of pages folded up inside an old notebook. It was a bunch of things "I Learned..."

And I thought it would be something interesting to share on my blog. What a coincidence that today your blog post was about "What I Learned (in school today)! And I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

I got my "I Learned" post up and also put a link to this post and blog. Hope you don't mind

CS said...

What a busy day!

I too am sorry the trust issue was involved.

Hang in there, as you are obviously doing, and just keep being your own true self :)


Avril Fleur said...

This week at work I learned that even though your boss "says" that she wants your input and ideas, that she doesn't, really, and when you do speak up, you are considered a whiner, complainer and a trouble-maker who is not focused on the departments goals! In other words, I learned to keep my big mouth SHUT if I want to keep my job.

tinkerbell the bipolar faery said...

1. Ditto about the trust issue.
2. There is no snooze button for a cat who wants breakfast.
3. Never leave home without your camera ~ you can't imagine the things you might see!
4. S-squared Diner on East Hastings has become my new favourite place to dine
5. It's not Big Brother watching us, it's the Boys in Blue!

Nose_in_a_book said...

What a great list! So far today I have learned that I should thoroughly drain poached eggs before putting them on muffins or the bread gets soggy and that's not pleasant. Umm, I've not been awake long so that's it for now.

Anonymous said...

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