Friday, October 9, 2009

Is It April Fools Already...?

Did I miss something? Shouldn't a person have to actually have effected peace somewhere before being award a Nobel Peace prize? This question is not meant as a criticism of President Obama, and I don't mean to sound mean-spirited -- I honestly feel a bit embarrassed for him. I would think one would feel better winning such an esteemed prize, knowing he had in fact accomplished the goals for which the prize was awarded. Everyone knows I'm not his biggest fan, but in this case I think most folks can share my confusion. For which particular action did Obama win a Nobel Peace prize? Enquiring minds want to know. Despite the title of my post, I am not being facetious, I am genuinely curious. Maybe the folks in Stockholm felt bad because the folks in Copenhagen awarded the 2016 Olympics to Rio de Janeiro.

Maybe I have a chance of winning an Academy Award after all...


Kathy's Klothesline said...

I better pay closer attention to the news. I confess that I switch over to something I would rather watch and that I rely on Jon Stewart for my political news. I am usually a few days behind living here in the middle of nowhere.........But, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? FOR WHAT????? This deserves an investigation!
Oh, maybe he got it because his wife can trace her ancestry back to slavery.......

The Bug said...

I had the same reaction Jo - & I'm a big Obama supporter - don't worry, I love you anyway :) But at first I thought, am I accidentally reading The Onion?

I like how his acceptance speech indicated that he does not this see "as a recognition of my own accomplishments," but rather as a recognition of goals he has set for the United States and the world.

Still, VERY bizarre!

Carol E. said...

Think of it as an indictment against the George Bush administration and the terrible international damage he did with his war-mongering, cowboy attitude. Obama has had to be very dedicated and hard working to repairing the damage and trying to reinstitute a spirit of cooperation. They say he has engendered a spirit of hope worldwide that has not existed in a long time. So I celebrate his success at being a sign of hope and peace! He has more work to do, but don't we all? Let's help him.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused as well. I don't think instilling hope is accomplishment enough for such a prestigious award. And I, for one, do not feel more hopeful for my future or my son's since he's taken office. Not that I did towards the end of Bush's administration either, so it's not a party thing for me.

DUTA said...

I feel pity for him; they put too much on his shoulders and he's just the guy necxt door.

Inty swetha said...

Even i don't like Obama JO ..but for giving a Nobel prize one must be worth it.. he/she should have done something for the world.. But in this case i find nothing!

Russell said...

I think it's great! Maybe he will take us to a big party since the prize comes with $1.4 million!!!

For $1.4 million, I will drink several drinks in the name of peace!

So, tell me.... what does a guy wear to a big party like that when he has a two-stage snow blower at his side??! Heh!!!

TomCat said...

Hey, I'm all for Obama, but he should get a chance to earn it, before they give it to him.


I think Carol E. expresses most of my thinking and reasoning about all of this.

I also think it tells us just how politically 'skewed' these awards often are (and have been in the past). The fact this one is a bit 'glaring' and premature, simply means it stands out more than in earlier years, when the recipients have also (in some cases) been doubtful as having truly been worthy of receiving such an award.

I also think with the terrible things the right-wing agitators have been doing to disturb and disrupt much of what's going on of late (in the USA), this award was partly meant to show that segment of our population, that not everyone in the international place of prominence, feel that Obama isn't doing his very best with a very bad situation.

I challenge the pope himself, to try to do a better job of cleaning up GWB's mess and legacy; as I've said before, he's merely a man, not the living savior.

Our media uses half truths and outright lies way too often in this country; it gives the populace a reason to doubt, and too few people do fact-checking themselves, so they buy into the wretched garbage that our media calls 'news'.

It was a refreshing headline; I too, thought it was some kind of a cruel joke at first, until I read the entire story on a number of different reliable news web-sites and heard it on the news today.

I'm glad he has this in his hand; he needed this boost, and for a guy who came up without a dad to guide him; a mom who was a bit unreliable and died too young - coming from a pretty poor environment, I think he must be on top of the world.

Further, let's remember, receiving this award might mean it's a not so subtle way of the internationl community telling him they EXPECT HIM TO LIVE UP TO IT - it's a gentle kick in the butt, to get the job done.

Anonymous said...

OMG - My husband and I (Americans) cannot understand this at all. It has nothing to do with us being conservatives - it has to do with one simple thing:

What did he do to earn this?


Love your blog, by the way. :)


I just read this:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A beaming President Barack Obama said Friday he was both honored and humbled to win the Nobel Peace Prize and would accept it as a "call to action" to work with other nations to solve the world's most pressing problems.

Obama told reporters in the White House Rose Garden that he wasn't sure he had done enough to earn the award, or deserved to be in the company of the "transformative figures" who had won it before him.

But, he said, "I will accept this award as a call to action, a call for all nations to confront the challenges of the 21st century."

Obama will travel to Oslo, Norway, in December to accept the award, including a $1.4 million prize. The White House said Obama will donate the entire amount to charity.

Obama, 48, is the third U.S. president to win the prize while in office, after Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Former President Jimmy Carter won the prize in 2002, more than two decades after he left office.

Judi said...

I was waiting for your post:) CarolE has already expressed the thoughts I have on this subject. Our country hasn't had much to be proud of in a long time. I am proud of this.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, all one has to do these days to earn the Nobel Peace Prize is destroy America:

1) nuclear option of "Reconciliation" to force "an apparent right" of universal healthcare on the citizenry of America, with punitive repercussions: a) excessive fine, b) imprisonment, should one opt out. If it's a right to "have" healthcare, then it's a right "not to have healthcare"

2) Hyper economic inflation, to destroy the value of the dollar. why has only ~100Billion of the ~900Billion stimulus been put into circulation? Answer: because barack Hussesin obama "mmm, mmm, mmm" has the other ~800Billion to buy his re-election, by "saving the economy in the campaign time" - I thought philanthropy was focusing on those in need, and not being selfish, like BO.

3) Destroying relationships with England and Israel, other countries who stand for Freedom, yet embracing the tyrants around the world, getting praise from our enemies

4) spending "30 minutes" over a 10 month incumbency with his chosen General about a war where people are losing their lives - that is unbecoming of a "Nobel Peace Prize" winner

5) czar after czar appointments, by barack obama's administration of: 1) tax cheats, 2) pedophiles, 3) avowed communists, 4) ACORN representatives, 5) proponents of infanticide [viz. partial birth and full birth abortion]

6) gives U.S. citizen Constitutional rights, to enemy combatants who are NOT citizens of this nation, much less of any other nation.

7) appoints a federal activist judge, who outwardly made a racially and gender centric statement WHILE being a judge.

Yeah... I can see how he earned this prize.

He's done so much for "good".


TC said...

What Carol E said.

I heard it this morning and told my husband it was too bad the terrorists had now taken over the awarding of Nobel prizes. You know because everything about Obama is because he or the terrorists who control him are secretly plotting .....

Tongue in Cheek Big time, please no one take me seriously.

ivan said...

Socrates 1,

I wouldn't go hunting in the woods with Dick Cheney.

A.M. said...

This is funny. I'm sure he wasn't expecting it.

Jo said...

Kathy, I know, I am stymied about it...!

The Bug, well, whether one is an Obama supporter or not, what did he do to win it? Okay, let's see if he can fulfill his goals.

Carol, I agree with you, but he has not actually done anything concrete -- yet -- to win the prize. Promises, only.

Cat, "I don't think instilling hope is accomplishment enough for such a prestigious award." Very well said...!

DUTA, I think he himself put too much on his shoulders. He has not yet fulfilled any of his campaign promises.

Russell, LOL. You could wear your Carhartt coat and I could lend you a Canadian toque. Party...! *heh*

TomCat, yes, it's a bit like putting the cart before the horse, isn't it?

Diane, I wish I had as much faith in Obama as you do. I believe, however, that any Democrat would have won the election in the face of that dreadful George W. Bush. But doing nothing doesn't mean he has cleaned up Bush's legacy. The fact is, Obama has done nothing to clean up Bush's legacy.

Judi, I can understand you are proud, but Obama has not earned the award yet -- not in any way, shape or form. One has to actually do something to win such a prestigious award.

Socrates1, I'm afraid I agree with you. If a person were to go through Obama's checklist of campaign promises, he has been sadly lacking in fulfilling even one of them. Even the New Yorker Magazine, who was a huge supporter of Obama, is now pulling away. A Nobel Peace Prize? April Fool! :-)

TC, *chuckle* I know. Silly. But still -- someone please tell me what he has done to win the Nobel Peace Prize?

Ivan, LOL

A.M. I think this just might be what he needs to humble him a little bit. :-)

Voice of Freedom said...

yeah, usually people who run from the truth, don't like to be in the presence of it. Don't go hunting with Dick Cheney.

not to mention the perpetuation of the allegations barack DOES NOT meet Constitutional eligibility "to be" president. I mean, such a "peacemaker" would I think, seek to dispel allegations by being forthcoming... yet he has done nothing to reconcile this, potentially unlawful and treasonous allegation.

Brenda said...

My biggest complaint about him is that I don't feel he had enough experience to hold the highest office in our government, and I don't see how he has been in office long enough to receive this award. So...I don't get it either.

Kathryn said...

I wasn't even aware, but we don't watch the news much. And, i've the same reaction. I don't believe he has done anything, currently, to achieve so much prestige as this award confers. (Hate to say this 'cause while i'm not one of his supporters, i don't like Obama bashing, but maybe they thought they'd have to give it before he did something that would mess up his chances. I know, that sounds nasty.)

On a not nasty note, if you have any interest in awards, Jo, i've nominated you for a "Kreativ Blogger" award. If you are interested, the info is at my blog.

Land of shimp said...

He won it for inspiring hope, that's how the justification went. I'm honestly embarrassed for the man because he really didn't need this right now. He's already being called upon to justify a lot, even by his supporters. There's some debate already over whether or not the man is all flash and no substance. I think we need to give him time, he's facing opposition that just makes things up and works from an agenda.

But his sounds more like the "Vote of confidence for showing promise that has yet to be fulfilled" prize. Or the "We're so damned grateful you aren't George W. Bush." prize. Or the "You are astoundingly popular, worldwide!" prize.

I mean...jeez. Obama probably swore a blue streak when he was informed because he's actually a little...oh, I don't know...busy trying to muster together support in political parties so divided that a visual depiction of the gap would resemble the Grand Canyon.

He's a tad occupied, you know?

Jo said...

Voice of Freedom, well, I don't know about his eligibility to be President, but he is certainly not eligible to be a Noble Peace prize winner. I mean, honestly!

Brenda, the thing that confuses me is that he has not won the award for being President, it's the friggin' Nobel Peace prize...! What has he done!?

Alane, I should think he would have the sense to be embarrassed as h*ll about this prize. More than anyone, he should be painfully aware that he has done nothing to warrant it. Now he is going to have to knuckle down and put his money where his mouth is. The pressure is now on him, and my prediction is that he won't be able to follow through. No more speechifying, more action...!

Judi said...

I understand. I think it is the world's way of letting the U.S. know we are back on the right track. For that, I am proud.

Jo said...

Judi, oh, I do understand that, but that is not what the Nobel Peace prize is about. To the rest of the world, it makes Obama look foolish. Well, at least here in Canada, we're all shaking our heads.

We had a Canadian Prime Minister who won the Nobel Peace Prize, but it was for establishing an international police force to resolve the 1956 Suez Crisis. He created the UN's first designated peacekeeping mission, and the blue print for the UN's now well-recognized role in peacekeeping and, subsequently, peace-building as well.

Obama hasn't done anything.

Boodoggy said...

It cannot have been awarded based on merit. I am saddened for those who have actually earned this prize in the past for a life dedicated to peace or for a significant contribution. I will hereafter see the Peace prize as a mark of political cronyism. So sad.

Brandywine said...

I don't get it. He hasn't had time yet to earn any kind of prize. Good grief, the Nobel Peace Prize?!? For what?

Jo said...

Boodoggy, you know, I think it is a travesty. The Nobel Peace prize is a prestigious award, and should be earned, not given to someone on promises he made during a campaign speech. It's really disgusting.

Brandywine, for several hours, I really thought it was some sort of a joke...!

A human kind of human said...

I have long ago come to believe that the world has turned upside down as I understand very little of what and why things happen nowadays and this is just once more proof that I am right. If I compare him with other Peace Prize winners I can only ask myself: "What has he done?" Maybe, living so far away, the knews of his great feats has not reached us yet. I do not know.

Or is it because of the man the media and mass hysteria has created?

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Very incomprehensible. Perhaps Obama won just because he isn't Bush.

the walking man said...

*Shrug* The cash is getting donated to different charities (sorry Russell-no party) and the award itself...I am torn, I don't see any peace coming from what he has done thus far but I do like the backhanded slap given to bush. It was the same (sort of) when Al Gore got it.

To me if he rescinds the military policy on gays this weekend (there is an HRC march on DC Sunday) that would be a start. If he wold resolve the Health Care issue in America with a single payer system that would warm the plate. If he would remove our troops from Iraq that would be a good thing to be done. If he could continue to get the Iranians and North Koreans to engage in dialog about their nukes that would be fruitful. If he could find a way to stop 500,000 jobs from being lost every week just in America which trickles through out the rest of the world there would be a reason. If he would regulate strongly the banking and financial industries that rule the world maybe. AWWWW Hell if he would just tell the shriekers and the obstructionist uncivil unpeaceable commentators on the fox news network (and their ilk) to shut the hell up so we could have some peace and quiet I would give him an award.

But I doubt there was a quid pro quo between the Olympics and this.

The one thing that he did that may be one of the reasons for his getting it was his world apology tour in the first days of the administration. The Nobel has been given before for the potential of future accomplishments and possible directions of the recipient could move the world.

I doubt he is Gandhi, who took several years of nominations, or Mandela who spent two and half decades in prison, or even Arafat who turned his back on violence long enough to get one.

But I had no vote nor input so there ya go. I say good luck dude now you have even more shit on a smaller plate to deal with.

nomore said...

Please never hate for yourself and don't blame others ! Have you ever invested your money 1 dollar into the Alfred Bernhard Nobel's or into his Funds ? Already God mades him(Nobel) to make the Dynamite...God mades him to prepare the Funds for the World's Peace Prize and offered a prize for the president Obama...God's will....And then many peoples are talking about the " issues " lately...I trust the Stockholm, belive the God's...Respect the Alfred Nobel's honorable......Getting to the older, we should to or need to forgive others foults as fast......Getting to the older, we should to more smilimg for others...It's for the way For yourself be happier....Stop argu, Love and Respect others.........!!
From my recent a post.... Thanks Every

Jo said...

A Human ... He has done nothing to earn the Nobel Peace prize, and it is a joke. Even as far away as you are, it is a joke. I am embarrassed for him.

Mark, "To me if he rescinds the military policy on gays this weekend (there is an HRC march on DC Sunday) that would be a start. If he wold resolve the Health Care issue in America with a single payer system that would warm the plate. If he would remove our troops from Iraq that would be a good thing to be done. If he could continue to get the Iranians and North Koreans to engage in dialog about their nukes that would be fruitful. If he could find a way to stop 500,000 jobs from being lost every week just in America which trickles through out the rest of the world there would be a reason. If he would regulate strongly the banking and financial industries that rule the world maybe. AWWWW Hell if he would just tell the shriekers and the obstructionist uncivil unpeaceable commentators on the fox news network (and their ilk) to shut the hell up so we could have some peace and quiet I would give him an award." Don't hold your breath. He is a good speechifier, but I don't think he is capable of doing any of those things. I think he is just over his head. Maybe in another decade or so, he would have been ready.

His world apology tour was widely accepted around the world, because it made him look like a weak President, which he is. The world does not like a strong American President.

My comment about the correlation between the Olympics and the Peace Prize was just a joke. :-)

Nomore, yes, it is important to love and respect others, if they deserve it. I will check out your recent post.

Paula Slade said...

Jo, I agree totally with Carol E. and Happy in Nevada as they both raised excellent, balanced and informed points. In order to have world peace, it has to start with one person, and obviously the world community believes he is capable of making a difference.

Jo said...

Paula, but he hasn't done it yet. That's a problem for me. One should not receive a prize for something he or she has not done. It's beyond ludicrous...!

Ruth W. said... nailed it Jo

Carl said...

Hi. He got the prize basically for not being George Bush.

Honestly this raises the bar for the presidaent that much higher. It's a lot of pressure. Not sure how this all plays out.

This country is SOOOO polar. I think the prize will do more harm than good domestically. Whether you like the American president or not He has a tough road in front of him.