Friday, October 2, 2009

My World, And Welcome To It...

Hello, all my wonderful friends, I have been spending time away from my computer for the past few days, because I am having a bit of a problem with my eyes, and reading things on a computer screen is very uncomfortable. I often get allergies in the spring and fall, and when that happens my eyes look as if a vampire has attacked me. Cucumber slices are my friend. So if I appear to be missing in action, it will be only temporarily.

In the meantime, this afternoon I picked up a People magazine for something light to read, and it contained an article about Jon Gosselin, and another about John Travolta. It occurred to me, after I had read the two articles, how diametrically opposed these two men were in their approach to fatherhood. Jon Gosselin has paraded his brood of children in front of the television cameras, for all the world to see, while John Travolta fiercely protected his only son from the prying eyes of world. None of us knew Travolta's son, Jett, was autistic until after Jett died. Being a parent is hard, and hardly anyone ever gets it right. It is fraught with land mines that all parents step on occasionally. But does anyone else think it's time for the Gosselins to start protecting their children, and get them out of the limelight? Those eight children have been a cash cow for their parents, and even after the disintegration of their parents' marriage, the children are still being exploited. "Oh, look, see Joel being potty trained! Oh, watch, see Mady throw a tantrum!" Most folks don't even want their children's pictures posted on the Internet, while those morons the Gosselins are showing every intimate detail of their children's day-to-day lives. The cringe factor is starting to go off the chart. Stop...!

And speaking of cringe factor, is anyone else starting to feel really sorry for Jennifer Aniston? She seems to be a likeable enough woman, albeit not overly attractive, but sort of pretty in a "girl-next-door in a really small town" sort of way. As far as her movie career is concerned, she's hanging in there, and actually did a fairly good job in "Marley and Me", but she just seems to be bounding and rebounding from boyfriends to beaux. What seems to be the problem? Perhaps they all think Brad Pitt's shoes would be difficult to fill. I like Jennifer Aniston, I think she has a bit of a Mary Richards quality about her, and she's got spunk.

Lou Grant: "You know what, you've got spunk!"
Mary Richards: "Well, yes..."
Lou Grant: "I *hate* spunk!"

What do you say, we all get together and find a nice man for Jennifer Aniston.

Oh, goodness, look what happens when I get my hands on a gossip magazine...! Have a fabulous weekend, everyone.


susie said...

Well, I agree with you about the Gosselins. I've never seen the show, but their pictures are all over the magazine racks at Walmart.

How can these kids, who are going to attract attention just by being alive, have any sort of a normal life in front of everyone?

pilgrimchick said...

I never understood the "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" thing at all--both of them were obnoxious to watch, and I only felt bad for their children.

I think plenty of "nice men" have been in and out of the life of Jennifer Aniston. I wonder whether there maybe something beyond the availability of "nice men" that makes her unable to sustain a relationship.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

You are so right about Jon and Kate. I feel like I can use their first names since I have seen her naked belly displayed on the one segment I watched. Aren't there laws about the amount of time the children can be on camera? I am sure they have pushed that to the limit. As for Jennifer Anniston... my son is already married.

TC said...

My husband REALLY likes Jennifer Aniston too, I've often wondered if maybe her relationships were partly her doing too? Except for Brad Pitt, he was just smitten with Angelina.
You are right about John Travolta and Jon Gosselin, I'd never thought of it though.
I do wonder if it isn't time for Jon and Kate to retire but having your life public isn't always harmful? I'm sure many authors children have had things revealed they didn't like and I'm thinking of some people who blog about family life (besides me) whom I find quite entertaining(I know just because I find it entertaining doesn't make it right or healthy). BUT they are not focusing on the child or children almost exclusively like the Gosselins. The Gosselins also got rid of their dogs.

Deb said...

I refuse to watch Jon and Kate plus eight...what a mess they are making of their kids lives...we need to applaud John Travolta for keeping his family private...that is what the old time movie stars did...these today show all their dirty laundry and put their kids out their for profit...such a shame...I think you hit on it...after Brad Pitt...I mean who can match up to him...of course...he has really gone down hill with his current choice of women....atleast he takes good care of his children and doesn't exploit them...

Russell said...

I confess. I live under a rock. I have no idea who Jon and Kate plus 8 are? They sound a bit strange from what I can gather. Is their TV show shown in the states? I have just never heard of them.

Jennifer Aniston. Yes. She was on Friends but I never watched that show either. I always get her confused with Sarah Jessica Parker.

Or is that Jessica Sarah Parker?

Or is it Sarah Parker Jessica?

Or is it Sally Jessy Raphael? (That is a real name of a radio talk show host - but I think she is off the air now....)

Never mind.... what was I going to say?? Heh!

Brenda said...

Occasionaly I enjoy reading about the movie stars, but I have no clue who these people are. Maybe they are on a channel we don't get, but I doubt I would watch them if we did. John Travolta though has always been someone I paid attention to. Very talented and really cute. So sad about his son. Heartbreaking. I miss Mary Tyler Moore shows. Those were good. Have a great weekend and hope your eyes are better soon!

Pouty Lips said...

I vote she steals Justin Long away from Drew Barrymore. He's cute and funny and Drew Barrymore obviously has no passion for him. He's "wonderful" and "lovely" and "a great friend." Any minute someone who feels just a slight bit of passion for him will steal him away. It might as well be Jen.

PhilipH said...

I know nowt about the bloke with all those kids, but I do know that young children should never be exploited in the way you describe Jo. Should be a law agin it imo.

Don't much care for 'celebs' and their magazine/newspaper articles. Bores me to tears, so I hardly ever know their names - let alone what's going on in their lives.

A human kind of human said...

Hi Jo, I do not think the show about the Gosselins has been showed over here yet, but I cannot imagine that I would watch it. Now John Travolta is a completely different story - I would make sure I do not miss him and I was so upset for him and his wife when I heard about their son's death. Like Phillip I am also not at all interested in celebrities and their doings so thanks Phillip, now I know I am not the only "abnormal" persons in the world.