Sunday, October 25, 2009

Amelia Earhart Or Irene Bolam...?

The story of Amelia Earhart is one that has always fascinated me, and now there is a new movie about her, and I can hardly wait to see it. To me, the really interesting part of her story begins when she disappeared on her final approach to Howland Island in the South Pacific, and no trace of her or her plane has ever been found. There are all sorts of theories as to what happened to her, and why she was unable to locate Howland Island. Some of the theories seem plausible, and other stretch the limits of the imagination. One theory that I had not heard until recently is that Earhart did in fact make it back to the United States, and lived the rest of her life as a woman named Irene Bolam.

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Photographs of the two women were superimposed on each other, and it was claimed that they were such a close match, even the tear ducts were the same. It's much like the story of Anna Anderson, who claimed to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia, the only surviving member of the Imperial House of Romanov, who were assassinated by the Bolsheviks. Anderson's story has since been proven false, and I believe the claim that Irene Bolam was actually Amelia Earhart is false as well. But it is an interesting theory, and adds a whole new twist to the mystery.

One day Earhart's plane -- if there is anything left of it -- will be located somewhere at the bottom of the South Pacific Ocean, much the same way the "Titanic" was discovered. Until then, it's always fun to speculate about what really happened to these larger than life people. Folks still continue to spot Elvis filling his car's gas tank at a local gas station. Of course, he still looks the same as he did 32 years ago. And Andy Kaufman is alive and well, and living quietly somewhere as Tony Clifton.

Somehow these implausible and impossible theories are always much more fun, though, aren't they? It is said that truth is stranger than fiction, but that's not true at all. Oh, by the way, have you heard? When NASA crashed a probe onto the moon a couple of weeks ago looking for water, they found Bigfoot living up there. Who knew!?


Charles Gramlich said...

I saw mention of the movie. With Hilary Swank I believe. Looks to be intersting.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I have always been fascinated with Amelia Earhart, too. But I tend to disbelieve that she and Irene were the same person. Maybe we are so fond of these myths because it is hard to accept that such larger than life people do in fact die.

Avril Fleur said...

Next thing will be Michael Jackson sightings.

houndstooth said...

I am looking forward to the movie, too! I am fascinated by the unsolved mysteries of that era. Somehow, I would like to think that she did go on to live a happy, private life. I can imagine that fame isn't for everyone and I'm a little surprised that famous people don't disappear mysteriously more often.

Sideshow said...

denial is but normal esp. when someone as famous as her just went gone without an acceptable explanation.

Russell said...

Funny you should mention this... Just this afternoon as I was getting gas, I actaully saw Elvis and Buddy Holly filling up their 1955 Chevy. Amelia was inside getting a newspaper and Marilyn Monroe was with her!

But the strange thing was, and you probably won't believe this, there was a round table inside with some dogs playing poker and one of the dogs was slipping a card to his buddy under the table! Can you believe that?!

Of course Marilyn and Amelia thought it was cute. They didn't have too much to say to me but I did tell them how to get to the Out of the Way Cafe which is just three miles west on Broken Dreams Highway.

I guess James Dean and Bogart were going to meet them there.

Never know who you're going to run into out here in Iowa. I mean, I could not believe I actually saw those dogs. They looked so much like those dogs you see on black velvet!

Alissa said...

This is the first I heard about this theory. I've always been fascinated by Amelia Earhart. I can still remember back to third grade when I did a book report on her.

Kathryn said...

Part of the problem with finding her plane, however, is we don't quite know where to look. We had a pretty good idea of where Titanic would be found.


Russell's story is a little like one written by Stephen King. :)

Carl said...

I always found her story interesting. I agree someday we'll find the plane and the mystery and conjecture will be put to rest.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Hi there Jo! I'm back and as usual, you have given me inspiration for my post. Check the last photo on my post.

TC said...

Russel should share his drugs. JK!
I've always been intrigued by Amelia Earhart also, the plane will be found or another part of the mystery will come together some day, although the woman does look quite a bit like Amelia.

Carla said...

LOL! I'm just happy that Russell shares his imagination.

I've read a lot about Amelia Earhart and I'm looking forward to this movie.

noteither said...

I wonder... did she went through the Bermuda triangle? is there any theory like that about Amelia Earhart?

Jo said...

Charles, I think Hilary would make an amazing Amelia Earhart...!

Hearts, yes, we build myths, and sometimes even religions, around heroes, don't we?

Avril, I could have sworn I saw him at my local IGA supermarket yesterday. :-)

Houndstooth, it would be nice to think she survived, but unfortunately I think the truth is she probably just disappeared into history. But the theories are interesting, aren't they?

Sideshow, yes, it's sort of a romantic myth, flying off into the clouds, never to be seen again.

Russell, that dog slipping the card to the other dog, it wasn't Bailey by any chance? He and I have had conversations (he has a very clipped British accent) and it sounds like something he might do. I can see why Marilyn would think he's cute. She'd probably think his owner is cute too. :-)

Alissa, you did a book report on her? You should do a blog about that. It's very timely, and everyone would be interested. :-)

Kathryn, yes, the Pacific Ocean is much bigger than the Atlantic, and a small plane like that could have drifted anywhere by now, if there were anything left of it.

Carl, I believe people are still trying to locate the wreckage. Now, that would be a story, if it were found, wouldn't it!?

LGS, hello! We were starting to get worried about you. I'm glad to see you are back and okay!

TC, the two women do resemble each other quite a lot, don't they? Just another interesting little twist to another interesting story. Even after 70 years, people are still fascinated.

Carla, LOL. Oh, yes, Russell's imagination is a whole other realm *heh* He's quite brilliant.

Noteither, I don't think she was anywhere near the Bermuda Triangle, but perhaps there is another strange confluence in the Pacific Ocean just like it. Interesting thought!

noteither said...

the flight of Amelia Earhart is one of those stories that cuts through my heart. remember her love ones who expected her return after supposed historical turned tragic flight. it's really sad and even in the very first moment I've heard her name and story, I felt nothing but grief.

Sideshow (using OpenID)

Jo said...

Noteither, yes, that would be just horrible -- the not knowing, days and weeks stretching into years, hoping and yet thinking the worst. She was a brave woman to do what she did.

PhilipH said...

One bright day in the middle of the night ...

As I was walking up the stair
I saw Amelia who wasn't there;
She wasn't there again today,
Oh how I wish she'd go away.

Ooh, I'm having one of the funny turns again, 'cept they aint funny.

Jo said...

Philip, that made me laugh out loud. It reminds me of a poem my mother used to recite:

"I had a little dog named Rover,
and when he was dead, he was dead all over..."

Alicia said...

Hahaha, funny and interesting post and funny and interesting comments. This was a good post, it makes you wonder.

noteither said...

btw, I wonder who is Irene Bolam? why did she became associated or linked with Amelia Earheart?

Jo said...

Alicia, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)

Noteither, I think someone saw Mrs. Bolam, and recognized the similarity, and it just took off from there.

hondacubber said...

Did you see Irene Bolam got remarried in front of the Lockheed 12A Electra Junior that played the role of Earhart’s airplane in the movie?

dncgrl2345 said...

I truly believe Irene Bolam could be and was Amelia Earhart. That's just my opinion.

Edwin Freeman, Jr. said...

How could that photo of Irene Craigmile Bolam be from 1985??? She died in 1982!!!