Friday, September 7, 2012

Marigold ... In High School...!

Well, it's official -- Marigold is now in high school. Okay, what I would like to know, is how did that happen? It was just last week, she was a little wee girl. How did she get to be in high school? I remember once, several years ago, she came to stay overnight with me, just by herself, without her big brother there. She was so sweet and adorable. As I was walking her home the next day, she said to me, "Oma, even when you are up in Heaven, I will still love you." That is one of my fondest memories of Marigold. It melted my heart. Marigold is rather quiet and shy, with just a tiny touch of Goth somewhere in there, but she is also very much her own person -- just ask her big brother. They are very different, but in their own way they're also very close. They are sympatico.

Marigold will probably take a few days to find her sea legs in the stormy waters of high school, but she'll be just fine. The day before her first day of high school, I asked her if she was nervous. She said, "No, but I'm a little bit scared that the work will be hard." If anyone can do it, Marigold can. And she has her big brother to look out for her

Right, Phinnaeus?

The high school Marigold and Phinnaeus are attending is a large school with loads of extra curricular activities -- band, drama, clubs, various sports -- and I know they both will shine. I just don't want the next few years go to by too quickly. Time has a way of doing that, and I don't like it

Hit the books, Marigold and Phinnaeus, continue to get good marks, but most of all, have fun. Make these high school years some of your best years.

Love and hugs,



Alicia said...

It's always so bittersweet when they start high school. I hope she will enjoy her high schools days as much as I enjoyed mine!

Linda Myers said...

"a touch of Goth". What a nice phrase for Oma to use!

Leslie: said...

Wish her well for me, please!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

My Layla started middle school. She is as tall as I am and not quite 12, with all the poise of a young lady. Seems like she simply blossomed this year and we can suddenly see the woman she will be. I am smitten with her sweet beauty. Her mom recently called me and we looked at pictures together online. She confessed that she was in awe of her daughter and could not believe just how lovely she had turned out. Funny thing was that I felt exactly the same way about her and told her so! I just love being a Gramma!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Awwwww. Your little girl will be more than fine. She will own the school by next Tuesday.

Scoobyloves2004 said...

AWWWW! They grow up so fast. My baby girl just turned 4 the other day. My oldest will be 10 next in two months. Crazy how time flies.

Jay said...

How does it happen?
I remember joking that my sweet young man would no longer sit on my lap and then suddenly he was driving the car and now entering his second year of University OH my, sweet sweet, boy. Now I am mother of 2 men and grandmother of another. Savour the moments.

Paula Slade said...

Such a precious memory.

Time does fly.

I'm sure, just like her brother and "Oma" she will flourish.

Maria said...

My Da always told me that in order to get good marks in school, one only had to do 3 things: 1) show up for class 2) do homework 3) study the night before a test to review material already learned by doing 1 and 2. He was absolutely correct.