Tuesday, January 27, 2009

100 Weird Facts About the Human Body

Woman with a Guitar

I have always been interested in fascinating facts and figures. (How's that for alliteration?) Anyway, I came across this website the other night that listed 100 weird facts about the human body, and I started reading it. Several times I heard myself saying, "Eeeiiiuuww...!" For instance, did you know the human heart has enough pressure to squirt blood 30 feet? Or the acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve razor blades?

I hope the text size is large enough for you to read it. If you click on the downward arrow second from the right, you can enlarge the text. Enjoy! It's very interesting.
100 Weird Facts About the Human Body


Firefly the Travel Guy said...

I don't think I want to really know some of these facts. Weird!

Susan English Mason said...

The weirdest one to me: A human head remains conscious for about 15-20 seconds after it has been decapitated. (shudder)

nomore said...

Oh, very weird...just I'v read it number 1 to 25..next will be tomorrow or late at nite...lol...your posts reminded me the ole book..."Mysteries of life and the univers"...by William H. Shore..............awakened the memories...anyway it's the weird news..!

Bagman and Butler said...

I was caught by the fact that dreams average only last 2-3 seconds. I remember many of mine and they go on for a long time with dialogue, dramatic tension, movement from place to place...so maybe the brain is capable of time travel, or at least of adjusting perception of time?

Patsy said...

Well, they were all interesting, but the one about the head remaining conscious for about 20 seconds after decapitation got my attention.

I have always wondered if a person's brain continued to process after he has been beheaded. I witnessed several beheadings on videos and it seemed to me that the mouth kept moving while the terrorist held the head up in front of the camera.

The most horrific experience would be to see the world around you after you are aware of being beheaded.

nomore said...

I just worrying about the No.13 -cuz my hair diameters are half size against my wife...and the No.28 -my heart is used to beat faster than my wife's....i'm in a fix...lol...anyway, I'v read it well just the No. from 25 to 40 ...so lazy readers......the next may be tomorrow....never on suday

Charles Gramlich said...

Some nerve impulses travel at over 200 mph.

Donnetta said...

Okay, now. The human head being alive for 15-20 seconds after decapitation--that is just gross!

I almost always remember my dreams-or bits and pieces of them anyway. But I sure ain't no genius!

The heart squirting blood was a good one, too. I think they know about this one in Hollywood.

Well, the body is a miracle! D

TheManOfNotts said...

Yep.....80% of my brain is definitely water - what a day!!!!

nomore said...

So we can call ourselves to "Single Cell" from now..by the number 51...I'm a single girl~~ single man~~~once the ole songs...lol...
I'll be going to more careful on monday...heart attacks....nice a inform...OK I just finished it all perfectly......very nice and very helpul...and very weird it 100 facts....thanks

Britt said...

i like the one about the blood vessels! it's amazing that something as small as our blood vessels can wrap around the world's equator more than twice.

it makes us realize that every small thing in this earth is so significant.

by the way, anyone who wants to decide where to ship me off to next august for four months, come visit my blog and cast your vote via comment!

(also check out my recent post on just war theory)

xo savantage

Anonymous said...

"Woman with guitar" has an interesting body.

Some days I wish Pablo Picasso hadn't gone bananas.

Oh well. Some days I feel so cool, I swear I am carrying an ice pack on my back.

Would Picasso draw a cat? Could he, after cubism, draw a cat?

But I guess he was el gato frio and wouldn't have time for my nonsense.

weenie said...

Interesting! But not all babies are born with blue eyes - the majority of asian and african babies are born with brown eyes.

Mary Ellen said...

Wow....I was really grossed out by a few of those and now I'll have nightmares about decapitation. :-D

StayAtHomeKat said...


Glad to see you are still at it... a dedicated blogger :-)

and I will see ya again sooner..... sorry to be away....got busy with politics down here :-)

Anonymous said...

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