Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood...

The sun is just beginning to rise over English Bay, and there's the promise of a new day. Like a fresh piece of paper, a new day is a chance to make a fresh mark, start anew, and perhaps even learn from the mistakes we made yesterday. No, I haven't started wearing cardigan sweaters and f*rting rainbows... I just think a beautiful new day like this is full of so many possibilities, don't you? Let's make the most of this beautiful day. Go out and make it a good one, boys and girls.


Whitney Lee said...

You're right-a new day is a clean slate. May yours be fabulous!

JeannetteLS said...

Oh, great. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Now, as I drive down to the shore (south being down in the vernacular of Connecticut) to see my friend and my "nephew" for an overnight, I'll be singing that song. Great. Maybe it's better than "I like you; you like me; we're a happy family" from Barney. Or not.

But, then, too, I'll be thinking about f*&ting rainbows, too.

Lately, I have found that the bloggers I have followed the longest, more and more are showing your... hmmm... how shall I put this... whimsical... no, twisted. Yeah. Little bits of twisted humor unique to each.

I, being oh-so-normal, am in a position to judge.

It is a very, very beautiful day here, in fact, and I am so looking forward to visiting my family--they are my family now--when I am NOT tutoring! Just visiting.

How I love your blog Jo, whether I agree or disagree at times, you make me smile, tear up, or just think a whole bunch.

Hush. No thank you's or anything. It's the truth.

Jo said...

Whitney, I hope your day is fabulous too...! Make it a good one. :-)

Jeanette, oh, goodness thank you. Yes, we have been around the blogging world for a long time, haven't we? And I am always so pleased to see your thoughtful comments on my posts. And yes, I have that song going through my head now too. *heh* Have a fabulous day!

PhilipH said...

It's not so here in the Scottish Borders. It's very cold gale force winds, even some snow furter north. Still, could be a lot worse so I'll sing along:
It's a beautiful day today,
so whatever you've goota do,
you've got a lovely day to do it in
(I forget the rest...*

Alicia said...

What a nice way to start the day Jo!

Cloudia said...

thank you for this lovely healing wisdom, Jo!

Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

Leslie: said...

I've had a few great outdoor days lately, to Boundary Bay and to the Bird Sanctuary to take lots and lots of photos! Check out my FB to see the cranes - new to the sanctuary!

Sextant said...

Loved your picture, but I did not play the video. I couldn't stomach Fred Rodgers' TV personae. I think he was good man and very well intended but to watch him made my skin crawl.

My son was like Yoda before the American educational system taught him how to repress his Soul. It was very weird, here was this 4 year old kid speaking with a very mature language and vocabulary offering up moral opinions as though he had a PHD in philosophy, or was some ancient shaman living in a cave. I used to have conversations with him that stood me on my ear. The wisdom of the ages was contained in this kid. He was a fascinating person to have a discussion with. If I were throwing a dinner party for intellectuals and philosophers I would have invited him. (Yeah I am a poor judge of intellectuals and philosophers! Some 4 year old kid staggers me...yep I are an intellectual!) Well, one year in public school, and Yoda turned into a typical average school kid. My son is 27 now. I have been patiently waiting for Yoda to reappear. I see glimpses of it every now and again, but for the most part, he is a typical college educated 27 year old American man-boy. I hope I am still around when he goes through mid-life crisis. I want to talk to Yoda again before I die.

Anyhow, Yoda didn't like Mr. Rodgers either. He watched it for about 10 minutes at some tender age and refused to ever watch it again. Yoda confirmed my instincts. I can't say anything bad about the man, because I really don't know anything about him. But if Yoda didn't like him...good enough for me.

Whitney-Lee last night I wrote an email to a friend and I said that I felt that we started everyday with a clean slate, and here is your comment. Tiny synchronicities of spirit?

Jo said...

Philip, it's actually getting chilly here too, and we're supposed to have a very good winter this year. Yikes!

Alicia, *heh*

Cloudia, it's ALWAYS a beautiful day in your neighbourhood. :-)

Leslie, you live in the most beautiful part of the Lower Mainland!

Sextant, LOL, Yoda does sound very wise. He sounds like our Phinnaeus. People used to call him "the little professor". And yes, the public school system does seem to homogenize them, doesn't it? Phinnaeus has a teacher this year who has a PhD, and she's different from other teachers, and the kids don't quite know what to make of her.

And yes, Mr. Rogers did talk down to the children, didn't he? I was never a fan either.