Saturday, December 13, 2008

Richmond Olympic Oval

When I was seven years old, Santa gave me my first pair of ice skates. I thought they were the most wonderful things I had ever seen. I couldn't wait to put them on and go skating. I wanted to be like all those lovely figure skaters, executing lutzes and double axels and salchows. But I soon found that I preferred speed skating instead, and I loved being the fastest skater in the rink. I could also crack a pretty mean whip too, and a friend of mine unfortunately suffered a broken wrist, being at the end of one of my whips. But that's another story...

There was nothing more wonderful than being the first person on the fresh, clean ice, and I would race to lace up my skates and charge out, all alone, sharing the ice with no one else.

Today the Richmond Olympic Speed Skating Oval is opening, and I can hardly wait to see it. It will be the venue for the speed skating events during the 2010 Olympics which are being held in Vancouver, but until then, it is open to the public. This weekend there are all sorts of special events taking place, so I just might pop by with my two special little friends. The oval will be a combination skating rink, fitness centre, art centre and so much more geared toward families. I think it's fabulous. To all the nay sayers of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, I say "bah humbug". Vancouver is getting so much in return for hosting the Olympics, not for now but for future generations.

But don't look for me to go tearing across the ice today. I'll be the one on the sideslines, watching the other folks.


fathorse said...

Last time I tried to ice skate I spent the afternoon suffering from concussion....

I'll watch, you skate :)

Jo said...

Fathorse, I will be watching the skaters skate. :-)

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CSouthwell said...

i love the winter oylmpics, so much more exciting than the regular ones, because i never get to see most of those sports otherwise.

I look forward to 2010.

As for skating, i like to scott around on my bum, honest.

It's not because i can't stand on my feet, i enojy the falling over and looking ridiculously like a spider on roller blades.