Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Phinnaeus's First Game...

Today is Phinnaeus's first rugby game against another actual rugby team, and he is excited and I think also a bit nervous. Me? I'm terrified. Wasn't it just last week he was a tiny little boy, sitting on my knee, singing the stinky feet song?

Stinky feet.
I know I got stinky feet
Just hold your nose and then repeat:
That boy got stinky feet!

Now he is six feet tall and playing rugby. I would love to be able to attend the game, but unfortunately I can't take the time off work. However, I don't think Phinnaeus would really like his Oma standing on the sidelines hollering, "Stay away from Phinnaeus, you big bullies…!" *heh* No, that might be a bit embarrassing.

Oh, goodness…

Now, if they were to do the Haka dance before the game… that might be fun.

Good luck, Phinnaeus. And don't break a leg.


Leslie: said...


Eddie Bluelights said...

Great game and good luck to Phinnaeus. I love rugby and used to play (in my youth LOL).
The Kaka dance looks impressive. Good old All Blacks # but they are not invincible as can be seen from a post I did recently when a world class scratch team called The Barbarians beat them convincingly in Cardiff in 1973.

Hope you can make time to see this glorious game when Gareth Edwards scored the try of the century.

Best wishes to you Jo.
Hugs ~ Eddie

@ly said...

Awwwww...the hardest part of having children is when they grow up!!!

Whitney Lee said...

Oh, good luck! It's too bad you can't go...a little embarrassment is good for the soul:)

Russell said...

I don't anything about rugby other than it is a pretty rough sport. It is not a very common sport here in the states.

I did have a student who belonged to a Des Moines rugby team and he was always really excited about it. But, again, I have no idea about the rules, etc.

Best of luck to Phinnaeus and I hope you get to some of his games.