Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A String Of Pearls...

The Girl with the Pearl Earring
Johannes Vermeer

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved pearls. My first purchase when I had my first job was a pearl ring from Birks. Unfortunately I took it off one day when I was working, and someome "permanently borrowed" it. I have never owned a lot of expensive jewelry. I inherited a few things from my mother, but again, someone broke into my house and "permanently borrowed" all my jewelry. Thank goodness they didn't find a pair of diamond earrings my daughter had given me for my birthday. They were right there in the drawer -- in their Birks box -- and the jewel thieves missed them. Since then I have bought some gold earrings, and a couple of years ago the doctors at work bought me some gold earrings for a Christmas gift.  I have also managed to collect a few items of silver.  But as far as my jewlery collection is concerned, well, let's just say it will never rival Elizabeth Taylor's.

However, today I was in the right place at the right time.  My favorite jewelry store was having a closing-out sale, so I bought myself a string of pearls.  Well, they're cultured pearls -- not the real deal from the South Pacific -- but they're pearls nonetheless.  And they're mine, at a price I could afford.  This photograph doesn't really do them justice.  They have a wonderful luminescence that you can't see here.  And they're mine.  Did I mention they're mine?  At a price I could afford?  There is just something so ~ Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy, Deborah Kerr, Betty Draper ~ about pearls, isn't there?


Romulo Vela said...

Jo, you are a beautiful pearl. :)

joanne said...

beautiful pearls, so delicate, so refined. I'm so happy they found you today. Enjoy.

Elise said...

I love exciting serendipitous moments like that. Congratulations on your pearls. You'll feel a million dollars every time you wear them!

Paula said...

There is translate button in the upper right corner :)

Deb said...

Oh, I am so happy you found a set of pearls you love. Shame on that nasty theif...don't worry, he got his in the end.
I have a fabulous set of Mikimoto pearls my husband purchased for me while in Japan in the 80's and I never wear then...I'm afraid of losing them....down right shame, huh? I'll get them out of the safe because I am definitely that Grace Kelly kinda woman!

susie said...

Yes, I like pearls. I have the ones my mother wore when she got married. She gave them to me when I got married.

I have a few other pieces too, but mostly I just wear the earrings. I spend too much time outside and with horses to wear much.

kenju said...

And they are back in style now!! I have always loved them too.

The Bug said...

Lovely! I think we may require a picture of you in your new pearls :)

P.S. I quite enjoyed that book, but I've never seen the movie.

budh.aaah said...

Have never owned pearls of any kind, though did gift my ma a few pieces some years back..which she lost..have always felt they wont suit me. YOu have to have a certain kinda grace to carry it ah yes Grace Kelly does come to mind. Glad you found em Jo.

DJan said...

Pearls are one of the few items that women wear that seem to become more beautiful as time goes on. It's a shame that you have had so many things stolen. You had just better wear them all the time so nobody has a chance to take them. I loved the book about the Girl with the Pearl Earring and ended up reading everything the author ever wrote!

Charles Gramlich said...

Definitely something very sexy about pearls. The luster, like silk.

Charlene said...

Oh! That is wonderful. I am so glad you bought those for yourself.

Once when I was left a little money by a relative I went across the street to a jewelry store and asked what an opera length string of natural pearls would cost, thinking I'd buy them. Eight thousand dollars he said. This was in 1991. I decided the small string my grandmother had left me would be just fine. I love pearls.

Katy said...

Oh I love pearls. I love the way they make a person just look glamorous. Something about them that just speaks volums.

I don't own a real pearl neckless yet, and while I don't really care about having tons of fine jewerly, pearls are number 3 my list of "when I have the money" items. (Right under ipod and apartment with a washer and dryer).

Anonymous said...

Check out the picture which is related to the painting in your post.


Jo said...

Romulo, my goodness, thank you!

JoJo, I'm glad they found me too. :-)

Elise, I almost didn't buy them, but a little voice said, "Buy them!" So I did.

Paula, thank you...! *heh*

Deb, You have some Mikimoto pearls...! Wear them! Wear them! I'll bet they will look gorgeous on you. :-)

Susie, I have always wanted real pearls. They are wonderful, aren't they?

Judy, I know! I think Mad Men is responsible for pearls being back in style. :-)

Dana, yes, I will get a picture of me in my new pearls. :-)

Budh.aaah, I'm glad to see you again! Your mother lost her pearls. Noooooo....!

Djan, I love the painting of The Girl with the Pearl Earring. I love how the pearl reflects the whites of her eyes. Beautiful!

Charles, yes, pearls are sexy, aren't they?

Charlene, oh, goodness yes, you could probably buy a car for what a long strand of real South Pacific pearls are worth. :-)

Katy, *heh* You definitely have your priorities straight. Definitely a washer and dryer first. :-)

Calvin, I wasn't able to open the link when I cut and paste. :-(

Rama Ananth said...

It was so good to hear that you finally could buy a string of pearls for yourself.
Wish you many happy wearings.
BTW they are looking very good.
See you, Rama.

budh.aaah said...

Dear Jo, same here..have sent you a FB friend request yesterday.

Country Girl said...

I adore pearls. These are beautiful. Congratulations on your new acquisition!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

And don't forget Julia Childs!! ;-) They are beautiful, and so suit you!!! ~Janine XO

Susie Hemingway said...

How wonderful for you to come across these v beautiful pearls for they truly are. I love pearls also and have just a few pieces. It's something about the colour next to your skin bringing a glow. Enjoy this rope of pearls - I think you will find you are wearing this lovely classic piece on many occasions. Keep Well.

Susie Hemingway said...

PS. See my photo here - lol

Anonymous said...

Once there were whole books written about, loves lived and lifes given for a pear earing ... thank you for the memories. Beautiful indeed. Please have a good Thursday.

daily athens

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Love the pearls! Very classy. My mom's birthstone was the pearl and I gave her a necklace one year for her birthday, I don't think she ever wore them, though.

Cloudia said...

wear them in good health, Jo

Warm Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

Jo said...

Rama, thank you...! I love them. :-)

Gugs, thank you. It's so nice to see you again. :-)

Kate, aren't they gorgeous? I love them.

Janine, oh yes! Julia Childs. I mustn't forget her pearls. :-)

Susie, your pearls suit you perfectly! They're wonderful, aren't they?

Robert, oh, yes pearls are the most beautiful of all jewels, aren't they?

Kathy, your Mom never wore them? Nooooo!!! I would wear them at every opportunity. :-)

Cloudia, thank you. :-)

Alicia said...

They are gorgeous Jo! I have my mother's pearls and some pearl earrings and a white pearl/black pearl ring. I've always loved pearls and you strike me as a pearl girl too Jo!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Lovely, classic and affordable too. You scored, Jo!