Monday, August 24, 2009

More Nonsense About Canadian Health Care

As I was cruising through some of the blogs yesterday, I was shocked to read a few of the "fear mongering" anti-health care reform blogs, that were once again referring to Canada. One of the things they said was that, "In Canada, people in the 20 to 45 age bracket pay the highest taxes, so therefore they receive the best medical care." I laughed so hard, I spritzed my coffee all over my computer monitor. Not a pretty sight...

Another person wrote, "Drugs are expensive in the United States because of all the research and development Americans put into them, so the rest of the world can take advantage of this and create generic knock offs." The fact is, of the top ten pharmaceutical companies in the world, only four are in the United States, and six are in other countries. Of the top 49 pharmaceutical companies in the world, only 19 of them are in the United States. Ten are in Japan, and the rest are in Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Israel, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Pfizer -- U.S.
Johnson & Johnson -- U.S.
GlaxoSmithKline -- United Kingdom
Bayer -- Germany
Hoffmann–La Roche -- Switzerland
Sanofi-Aventis -- France
Novartis -- Switzerland
AstraZeneca -- United Kingdom/Sweden
Abbott Laboratories -- U.S.
Merck -- U.S.

Many of the drugs we use for hypertension, digestive problems, dermatology problems -- and more -- were invented in Germany. Aspirin, probably the most common drug in the world, was invented by a German chemist named Felix Hoffman. Drugs are expensive because the companies that make drugs spend billions of dollars on advertising in order to make a profit. In Canada, we see a lot of American advertisements for drugs on television. Canada does not advertise drugs on TV, and that's one of the reasons they are so inexpensive here. Drugs cost pennies to manufacture. In many countries in the world, drugs for tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS are given to the patients free. Free. TB and HIV/AIDS are two of the world's scourges, and must be wiped out.

Another person said, "People in Canada cannot choose which doctor they prefer, they cannot get a second opinion, and they cannot participate in their own care." In other words, we have no choices. That's so ridiculous, it's not worth speaking to. And, I'm not even going to mention what I read about "death panels". It's just more nonsense.

I certainly hope our wonderful American friends are not making important decisions, based on the crap misinformation that is being spread, particularly about Health Care in Canada and other countries.


Butler and Bagman said...

I'm one American friend who doesn't do that. Actually I'm considering stopping my habit of reading the the newspaper entirely.

Deb said...

In my opinion, unless President Obama can ralley the people on health care, he won't be re-elected. Sad, I know, but he is attempting to bring health care equality to all citizens.
I wish drug companies did not advertise in the US. Often, after viewing a commercial, one doesn't have the foggest idea what the drug treats, but gee, isn't the pretty field of flowers and the calming music interesting?
I do not have health care. Insurance companies will not take on a healthy woman of 55 because if you once went to the doctor in the past 3 years for acid reflux, migraines, or bronchitis, they make it into such a "history". Damn them! Yes, damn them all.
Jo, can I move in with you so I can get health care??!!! :)

Hilary said...

My goodness, Jo! Where are you finding these blogs? I wanted to read the rest of those posts, so I googled your quoted text. All three of them lead back to your own post and nowhere else. Could you please provide links? I'd like very much to see what they have to say.

Jo said...

Butler and Bagman, goodness, yes. And stay away from Faux News.

Deb, sure, come on up. We love Americans here, and we love to show off our country. The more the merrier.

Hilary, there is one blog in particular called "Pesky Emotional Republican". I feel very bad that she and her Republican friends are so misinformed.

Judi said...

Thanks so much for calling out the U.S. on their misinformed and the people who make money off them. Yes, FAUX News and their audiences are responsible for the majority of this. Paraphrasing...we'll eventually do the right thing after we have exhausted every other possibility!!

I love the U.S. but you must remember we are the country who elected an actor for president, the same actor who was rumored to have asked what the Canadians were all upset about when he saw marijuana reform protesters with flags with marijuana leaves on them! LOL!

Leslie: said...

My goodness! I cannot believe the ignorance being spread about Canada's health care. You of all people know how good the care is here and I have certainly been taken care of in regards to my back problems.

JoMo said...

Wow, stunning. Our Canadian healthcare system is far from perfect, but those quotes are just weird. Who makes up this stuff?
Thanks for sharing.

Allen said...

I personally dont read the "paper". If I want news, then I go to cnn, but I dont believe all that crap either. I mostly watch the I-reports.

As far as your health care goes, I have in the past been told that, your was the best on the planet.

Jo, you forgot one on your list. Lilly's is huge here in the U.S.. I know this because their home office is here in Indiana.

Mean Mama said...

Was this Sara Palin's website/blog? Ha Ha!

People just invent things to support their opinions. It's absurd. Just like Palin did with the whole "death panel" thing. They are all idiots if they have to fabricate things to make their opinion heard. The people who believe them without checking their facts are even dumber.

Jo said...

Judi, I had not hear that story. THANK YOU for giving me a *giggle* today. Oh, goodness. :-)

Leslie, oh, yes. We know the truth, don't we? Goodness!

JoMo, I agree our Health Care is not perfect, but my goodness, the misinformation I read about it. Jeepers!

Allen, Eli Lilly and Company are actually number 12 on the list of the top 49 pharmaceutical companies in the world. And of the list of 49 companies, only 19 are in the United States. Who knew!

Mean Mama, "The people who believe them without checking their facts are even dumber." Oh, you got that right...!

Alissa said...

I am really sick of seeing ads for prescription drugs on television. I don't watch much, but when I do it seems that every other ad that's on is for a prescription medication. Last time I checked, the whole idea was that prescription medications were things doctors prescribed for patients not things that patients were supposed to come in requesting. It's ridiculous, and apparently there is a big market for it or else all those advertisements would not be out there.

Pauline said...

sensible thing to do, I guess, is to die of old age without ever getting sick... one has about as good a chance for that is getting either solid health care or solid information about it

susie said...

Well, I do agree with taking the ads for prescription medications off the tv's and out of the magazines.

I don't really have an opinion about Canada's healthcare system, or any other country's either, since all we're seeing are the bad stories and I find it hard to believe that it's all bad. Of course, we have probably the same kinds of bad stories, but they're not being talked about by the opposition.

What I do know, is that there is so much government regulation in health care already, just like the banking industry, that it's hard to know who to believe, if anyone.

The sides are so opposed to any kind of cooperation, the lines are drawn, and government isn't there for the people who elected them, but for themselves (and I'm not differentiating between any of the parties--they're all basically the same)

Thanks for letting me vent!

Maureen said...

One of the more common drug ads is Sally Fields on Boniva, the once a month pill for osteoporosis. I'm supposed to take it but stopped when it went to $60 with my copay, for one pill! Without insurance it's $100. FOR ONE PILL! When I asked the pharmacist why it was so expensive he told me it was still being tested and the money pays for the trials. So, not only is it $100 for one pill, they don't really know how it works or what effects it has.

Brenda said...

In our house we just laugh at the commercials about drugs and all of their endless side effects. They are pretty annoying. I was wondering if they are only on there to curb law suits.
It is sad when we just accept what everyone on the news or paper, etc. report about anything really. I would prefer to know someone that works or has access to the real truth.

Anonymous said...

Amen! I just saw some politician on TV say that we don't want a Canadian system here. And that all Canadians are unhappy with their system. Made me so so angry!! I am one of the Americans who does not have health care and right now I wish I lived in Canada!

the walking man said...

OK I think the madness has gone on long enough about this debate.

Here is the truth. The American citizens have become nothing more and nothing less than a profit stream for the pharma/medical industry.

That sad part about it is that no one wants their ox gored because someone else may get a benefit equal to what they have for less money so they buy into the merchant bought and paid for frenzy.

Americans for the most part who whip up or are fomenting the hysteria are ignorant bastards who have not done their research or even watched any of the congressional committee hearings where the CEO's of major health care companies basically say they will not now nor ever change their business model of recision or rejection after years of premium payments when it gets too expensive. they routinely reject claims made by them not fortunate enough to belong to a group coverage plan spending thousands on review and fine tooth combing an application for an error they can claim as fraud for the purpose of not paying a claim that is legitimate but expensive.

I suppose that no one really understand that the vast majority of medical professionals who work at the corporate head quarters are there to find a way to reject a claim.

It does not matter where a drug is developed because America has no price controls on pharmaceuticals we pay on average 50% more for the exact same drug that can I can get a mile away in Windsor. Why do you think the federal government has banned the re-importation of drugs from Canada?

It is simply because that cuts a profit stream for some of the conglomerates that have purchased part and parcel the American government. A purchase transaction that has been going on ever since old Ronnie baby was in the White House.

If anyone thinks that these corporations (no matter what industry) have the consumer's best interest at heart is a bigger fool than I am. Americans are nothing more than a PROFIT SOURCE. If that stream is threatened then they will do everything to protect their greed and screw you in the process. You are nothing to them but a well. And them that are spreading the lies, blatant and outright to ring the bell of fear are getting paid by these corporations so follow the money and wake the fuck up America.

the walking man said...

This is the e-mail and snail mail address for every member of the Senate...make yourself heard or stand aside for them of us who are.

The Crusty Crone said...

I stumbled onto your blog and have enjoyed it. As a US citizen I am embarrassed by the level of ignorance so many people are displaying about health care. Its down right scary!!

Much of the turmoil is being generated by the republican party (they want their power back and to hell with the citizens) and those profiting from the high cost of health care, but its amazing how so many people are clearly not doing their own thinking. Scary, I tell ya!