Monday, August 17, 2009

My Silly Experiment ... Part Two

Thank you to everyone who participated in my extremely serious very silly social experiment yesterday. It was all in fun. What was the point of the experiment, you ask. Well, there wasn't one really. I guess I wanted to prove that men and women see themselves differently, and specifically that men see women differently than women see themselves. Almost without fail the women chose the arms that were slightly masculine (numbers 2 and 4), and the men chose the arms that were more feminine (numbers 1 and 3).

"Well, so what?", you ask. Well, nothing, really. Women have come a long way since the decade of "Mad Men", and thank goodness for that. Women are brilliant; women run corporations, hospitals, governments, households. However, some women think that, in order to be taken seriously -- by both men and women -- they have to become masculine. But they don't, and vive la différence.


Land of shimp said...

I never would have come up with Scar Jo for the first picture, or Marilyn for the third. Nicely selected photo, Jo, I was surprised to find out the third photo is not contemporary.

I think there is a point though: We've been brainwashed into believing that we have to be slim, muscular and have an athlete's physique in order to be perceived as attractive.

By whom? Would seem to be the point. If magazines set out to convince us that we all had to wear live animals as hats to be pretty, would we think that too?

Admittedly, that would explain the empire waist blouse craze. Even the exceptionally thin are not flattered by those.

Jo said...

Alane, wasn't it a fun experiment?

"We've been brainwashed into believing that we have to be slim, muscular and have an athlete's physique in order to be perceived as attractive." Yes! It's big business! Lots of money in it... :-)

BTW, I don't care for empire waist blouses either.

SparkleFarkle said...

I was thrilled to know Marilyn Monroe was my third choice! I hope Miss Madonna passed through the bloggerhood and read your entry. (Good God! You don't think she's contemplating growing back that early-days moustache she use to sport, do you?!) I look forward to your next (hint, hint!) social experiment!Thanks!


Well how about that! Having a 2-part 'series', means everyone will come back to get the news, and I was very surprised to see what arm #3 was!

I'm still with arm #2 because I do like a very slight definition on the upper arm and down; I like the athletic-look in a woman anyway, and any 'flab' (as I call it) turns me off.

I'm glad (since I've been married 6 times) all my husbands loved to play basketball with me; play baseball and softball - tennis; swim, hike - camp, and every darned sport that I grew up learning, and they equally preferred the leaner, stronger look.

In fact, the picture I use of me on the Blogger profile (that you see) is me at age 54; I was modeling at that time, and the man is Doug McClure (a movie actor) who was thanking me for promoting his 2-day art show in Laguna Beach, CA.

So, since I draw/paint/love art, and made money (part time) in selling beautifully composed art-pieces (and some included the female and male body), I guess I learned to know what I preferred as a 'body type'.

Having modeled off and on (started at age 25), I also learned what the people who hired me preferred in 'body type'.

I guess that's part of why I might have sounded a bit opinionated, but then I am (smile).........

Also, I've just finished reading the wonderful post on your health-care in Canada; I'll quickly swipe that one, and copy to my 'doubting American friends'.

That is a great job, and I'm very happy to have it as ammunition!


Jo said...

Sparkle, *heh* I'm sure Madonna is totally immune to the stuff written about her, but she definitely is not what I would call attractive. Fun experiment, wasn't it?

Diane, my gosh, you are GORGEOUS!! I remember Doug McClure, too. And yes, please feel free to steal my post. Send it to as many people as you like. The more, the better. *heh*

robert said...

Good morning Jo,
you are very right upon 'the difference' - I guess it is this what connected men and women.
Couldn't live with someone who would be like me. Seems as if there are things that have to be 'apart' - like oil and vinegar.
Please have a nice start into the new week.

SweetPeaSurry said...

I just KNEW I'd pick Marilyn's arm!!! WOOT

Yes there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with being voluptuous!


Leslie: said...

This was very interesting, but I still would prefer arm #1 for gonna do another one of these "experiments"? Maybe you should do legs

Paula Slade said...

Wow! I had no idea who they all were except # 4, and I have to agree with you Jo, why would she want to do that to herself?! :-P