Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Secret Revealed

Can someone please tell me why these people are famous? I don't understand it, and I really would like someone to explain it to me. Why are they famous? Is it because of their astonishing beauty and grace? Did they discover a cure for cancer? Have they written a Pulitzer prize-winning novel? Have they drafted a Peace Accord that will establish world peace?

Oh, I know...! I know...! They discovered how Cadbury's gets the caramel into its Caramilk bar. That's it, right? Oh, wait, that's only in Canada. They've probably never had a Caramilk bar. Okay, I give up. Why are these two bland, cranky, boring completely nondescript, average people so famous? And rich. Famous and rich.

I need a Caramilk bar, and I need it now.


The Bug said...

Aw now I've done it! Should never have mentioned them! I have no idea why they're famous - I guess having 8 kids is interesting maybe? I really dislike reality tv.

LOVED the caramilk commercial! I would like one of those!

Jo said...

The Bug, no, actually I saw Jon being interviewed, and I thought, omigawd, what a boring person! Argh!

Alissa said...

I'm proud of myself that all I know about these two people is what I have been unable to avoid seeing on supermarket magazine headlines. I feel like something of an ostrich, but I refuse to read a single thing about them, and have never actually seen them on television. Strangely, I don't feel like I am missing a thing.

Maureen said...

We Americans are constantly exposing our stupidity to the rest of the world, and these two with their really stupid TV show and trips to Oprah, continue to reveal this fact. Try The Hills, so much worse.

Brenda said...

Who are they? I don't recognize anyone on the magazines at the check out lane anymore. Maybe if I turned on the TV every so often I could find out. I am really behind the times on knowing movie stars and famous people....
I didn't know who Britnany Spears was until she didn't wear underwear and that was all the news headlines wanted to talk about.
Sometimes I forget to wear underwear, but never makes the news....

Jo said...

Alissa, I know as much about them as you do, and that's even too much! *heh* Oh, goodness...!

Maureen, oh, Canadians can be stupid too. Canadian actually watch that stuff...! *sigh*

Brenda, "Sometimes I forget to wear underwear, but never makes the news...." That's the best laugh I have had all day. Thank you!!

SparkleFarkle said...

I believe they are famous for exploiting every single fiber of their children's little beings. It is utterly inexcusable that two parents could do what they are doing to their own, and just as sad that TLC continues to broadcast their actics as entertainment. Kate deserves that heinous haircut of hers and Jon could use a spanking. Of course, that is putting it lightly. Those poor, poor children. They will need all the prayers they can get in the years to come.

Judi said...

I'd never heard of them until this summer so I can't comment. However, I saw the first episode of Durham County, which I read was a Canadian series. WOW! That was anything but boring, a little unsettling yet had me glued to the TV the entire time. Have you seen it?

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I guess having a litter of children will spark some interest.... It is a shame that the attention has shifted to the parents, must have been a slow news day.

kenju said...

I have no idea why they're famous and I wish they'd both just go away forever.

Kathryn said...

I admit that out of curiosity i watched an episode or two. Or parts, i think i turned it off after about 10 minutes. I found it extremely boring. But then i hate "reality tv."

I think they are "famous" because they have such a big family. It is unusual these days. And, because they had a litter instead of the usual fashion of big families, that had an automatic panic/extreme factor. I imagine the channel that does their show interviewed a lot of folks & the producers thought that because Kate tends to be rude & bossy they could have some good drama for the folks who like to watch that stuff. And now of course they have lots of drama as the two immature & bratty parents battle out a divorce.

I think the same channel has a program about that Mormon family with 18? 19? children.

I suppose the unique & unusual factor pulls some folks to watch. I don't get it either, Jo, except folks watch stranger & stranger things these days. But i also don't get the folks who watch daytime shows like Jerry Springer. ("Her sister slept with her husband & her son!!!") How can folks watch such . . . trash?

Lydia said...

They are disgusting. So is society's interest in people who have litters. It's all very animalistic. I'm thinking that my mama cat from my childhood, the one my parents allowed to have multiple pregnancies with multiple births, must have been a phenomenon in the alleys near Forest Street.

KathyB. said...

I think it is sad that they receive so much money and attention for the privilege of allowing America to watch their family implode.What in the world happened to them that they both lost perspective and focused on themselves( talkin' bout Jon & kate) and forgot their vows to one another TWICE! ? What in the world happened that they could even conceive of divorce with 8 children, 8 YOUNG children? What happened is that their self-love matters more than real love.

Our daughter and her 4 children ( her children are the same ages and the youngest daughter looks like the sextuplet daughters )used to watch this show and when all the drama began our daughter simply told her children that Jon & Kate were being naughty and they ( daughters' family ) were not watching that show any more.I think that should be the proper response toward that show now. But hey, apparently people LIKE this , because ratings for the show have now sky-rocketed....sadly.

I say, America, do this family a kindness and stop watching!

Canarybird said...

Well I guess I'm lucky since I have never seen or heard of these two so haven't the slightest idea who they are. Guess their fame doesn't reach across the Atlantic! lol.

Russell said...

I join Brenda and the others who have no idea who these two people are. I have deduced they are the couple with the 8 children and who have or had a reality show. I missed all of it.

I recall I used to work around Robert Waller when I was a student at the University of Northern Iowa. He is the guy who wrote Bridges of Madison County.

He was extremely quiet (never said a word around me) and I always thought he was a strange man who seemed like he wanted to be some place else and did not care for people too much.

I have no idea what that has to do with your post but.... heh!!

Sunny said...

'Jon and Kate plus Eight' started as a TV show depicting a young couple with 8 children. In the beginning I watched it once in a while because the little kids were so cute. As time went on it turned into a show depicting a control freak wife and a henpecked husband that discovered they could get rich by exploiting their kids. In turn, their greed and desire for 15minutes of fame destroyed the family. How sad for the little children.
I'm so tired of reality shows!
As far as the show with 18 kids, who in their right mind wants 18 kids? Maybe they should rename it 'Birth of a Nation'. Good grief!
Sunny :)

Katy said...

Sadly, I think Jon and Kate are just an updated version of what happened to the Dionne quintuplets.

Except, instead of being exploted by the Canadian government, the Gosslin kids are being exploted by their own parents.

Instead of living in a house designed for tourist come and gawk at them, the Gosslins live in a TV studio so viewers can gawk at them in the comfert of there own homes.

Land of shimp said...

The Gosselins can't be escaped at present when standing in a super market line. I don't watch their show, but am aware of the sad situation. Basically, at the worst time imaginable for those kids, as their parents split up and behave badly, the family is being filmed. It's all rather grotesque.

It is amazing because in particular Jon Gosselin is just a lump of man, with no actual interest in the way he speaks, or conducts himself. He's have a widely publicized sort of mid-life crisis, with all the stereotypical accompaniments to that, and a full decade early. Younger, rather trashy women? Check. Racy behavior? Check. The cliche of the sports car? That too.

He's unmercifully dull witted, and ridiculously ordinary, but the story is seemingly all over the place.

They aren't famous as much as they are currently infamous. Usually infamous people do something outrageous to be so, but in their case? It's all very standard, badly behaved fare.

They seem to have fallen for their own press attention, and believe themselves to be of great interest. Never has a much publicized story been so very ordinary, dull and still repulsive.

Woot. He dates women of questionable character, and thinks himself some sort of hot ticket. She plays the victim, and looks wounded a lot.

Never has notoriety been so mundane in the details. She's just your average, over controlling sort of woman. He's the kind of guy most wouldn't bother to talk to at a crowded party. For some reason they are currently on magazine covers, and being interviewed left and right.

It's like Andy Warhol's prediction made flesh. There is nothing remarkable about either of them, but yet, they are watched in a society that thinks there is merit in being watched, and watching.

It's so strange and disheartening. I wish they'd get out of the public eye, and tend to their large brood. All of whom are likely to have years of therapy ahead of them, mostly because their parents are airing the sort of dirty laundry most would keep private for a darned good reason.

PhilipH said...

Cadbury's are in a takeover struggle with Kraft. Why's that relevant? Dunno, don't ask me.

Just as I've never heard of these two characters!

Nicole said...

The most interesting thing about about those people is the caramilk bar...I think we have in the US as caramelo and it is so good. Hmmm gonna have to get one. Oh yeah... what were we talking about? Must not have been too important ;-)

C Hummel Kornell a/k/a C Hummel Wilson said...

In my opinion reality tv is debasing and utterly without merit. I hate these shows. I believe that Jon and Kate should be held responsible for the exploitation of their children. Who cares about two such uninteresting individuals. Do they really think we care if they are happy, unhappy, having affairs, getting remarried, getting divorced??? I seldom turn on tv anymore unless it is to watch PBS. Reading is a much more pleasant pastime and you can choose your subject matter.

Whatever happened to "I Love Lucy", "Father Knows Best" and "Leave it to Beaver"? These were shows that presented the viewers with good moral subject matter.

How do you think these babies are going to feel when they grow up and watch reruns of their parents putting their base, sexual desires before the love of their children?

Cyth said...

Good question Jo. As always you articulate what I can only sit and stew about. YOU could do a REAL reality show. I'd LOVE it !

Nancy said...

I need one too!

I have no idea why they are famous. Maybe because they appeal to a younger generation? One in the throes of marriage, young chidren, jobs, etc.? They are certainly not people I follow, and I like some reality TV.

At least in The Amazing Race, and Project Runway, people are either running their tail off, or creating clothes, some of which might actually be worn. But just sitting around and feeling sorry for themselves? Um, I don't think so!

Patty said...

I for one don't call this program a Learning program. I would think The Learning Channel could find something a lot more interesting to put on their channel. I understand they are starting another one called The Duggar Family, she's expecting her 19th. baby. Never ceases to amaze me as to what we call entertaining. We have way too many reality TV shows on our TV. Give me a good Disney Movie or something the whole family would enjoy seeing together.

Loved the commercial, now I'm hungry for some chocolate.

robert said...

At least over here in 'old Europe' I haven't heard about them so far, however enjoyed already the chocolate, which was probably of more interest as well.

A further reason why I am proud of not watching any TV now for more than two years, which might as well be a reason for not knowing those two.
A great interesting weekend to you.

pilgrimchick said...

I don't get this, either. On the few occasions I actually watched their ridiculous show, I was more struck by how annoying both of them are than anything relating to their children.

The Pink Cowboy said...

A more interesting question would be why have people made them famous. It's a sordid affair. The ultimate voyeurism. I'm baffled at the interest in this family of spoiled brats...I'm talking about the two adults not the children.

pranksygang said...

I love kids and i watched the program sometimes because of their cute kids and their big home! And i have no idea that they are very famous!

And the commercial is really great Jo!

Pear tree cottage! said...

Am I aloud to say I have no idea who they are even - but it looks like they sure stir up the dust!!!

heheheheheeh! Lee-ann

Anonymous said...

I've managed to remain happily ignorant abut Jon & Kate. I've heard the names, but that's all.

Now what I really find interesting is that your good friend Russell used to work around Robert Waller. :-)

Bunny said...

I think they're famous because people won't stop blogging about them! ;) The more we're exposed to news about them, the more we think about them, and the more we look for more news.

Jo said...

Sparkle, "Kate deserves that heinous haircut of hers and Jon could use a spanking." Omigoodness, yes!

Judi, no I haven't seen Durham County, in fact I have not heard of it. Thanks for letting me know -- I am going to check it out!

Kathy, the whole thing seemed to go south, and that's when they should have stopped it. Those poor kids!

Kenju, hear! hear!

Kathryn, "folks watch stranger & stranger things these days." Oh, goodness, yes! Have you seen "Dating in the Dark"? Yikes! It's the bottom of the barrel, and people watch it!

Lydia, LOL. You are too funny! Oh, yes!

Kathy, you are so right. I think the producers knew this family was going to implode, and that's when the ratings were going to sky rocket, which of course is just what happened. Those poor little kids!

Sharon, you are indeed very, very fortunate. They're on all the magazine covers here!

Russell, I think Robert Waller is the "anti-Jon and Kate" -- a quiet, unassuming man who actually had some talent.

Sunny, "As time went on it turned into a show depicting a control freak wife and a henpecked husband that discovered they could get rich by exploiting their kids." Sadly, that's when the ratings went up. It's kind of a sad comment on society, isn't it!?

Katy, yes, the Dionne quintuplets were even separated from their own parents. That was the province of Ontario and the Red Cross who did that, not the Canadian government, but it was a dreadful thing to do.

Alane, "He's unmercifully dull witted, and ridiculously ordinary, but the story is seemingly all over the place. " He has a complete flat affect, doesn't he? And an overbearing, nagging wife. How can that possibly be entertainment!

Philip, you're very, very (!!!) fortunate.

Nicole, *heh* Caramilk bars are wonderful!

C Hummell Cornell, "I believe that Jon and Kate should be held responsible for the exploitation of their children." That's what I don't understand. These children are being exploited, and their family's dirty laundry being aired. It is psychological damaging to the children. Where are the child authorities!?

Cyth, hey! Now there's an idea. A reality show about my life -- a sure cure for insomnia. *heh*

Nancy, my guilty pleasure is the occasional episode of "America's Next Top Model", only because I love to hear Tyra Banks saying, "I now have standing before me..." as if she's the Queen of England or something. *heh* And those poor girls are always in anguish if they don't get picked.

Patty, "I would think The Learning Channel could find something a lot more interesting to put on their channel." I know! How did this end up on The Learning Channel!? It's like "Dog the Bounty Hunter" is on Arts and Entertainment. Art? Omigoodness!

Robert, I agree, the chocolate is more interesting, and the chocolate commercial too. You are not missing anything by not watching TV...!

Pilgrimchick, I know! Aren't they annoying? And boring! And annoying! :-)

The Pink Cowboy, yes! They are both so self-serving, it makes on wonder why they even had children. Even to do a show like this, and expose their children to the wide world is self-serving.

Pranksygang, oh, the children are adorable. But they're living in a gold fish bowl.

Lee-Ann, you are not missing a thing! Lucky you that your country is sensible and doesn't broadcast the show.

Carla, yes! And Russell did a post about the famous bridge in the Bridges of Madison county too, complete with pictures he took when he visited there!

Bunny, oh, yes. Point taken. From now on I promise to boycott them. :-)

Paula Slade said...

...because they are a soap opera - there is an element of voyeurism that attracts (better them, or glad it's not me) - frankly IMHO, I could care less.

Jo said...

Paula, yes. It's sort of a tragedy, though. Gosh!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Beats me. I've never seen their show as I despise "reality" TV, but we seem to have the modern phenomenon of people being famous - FOR BEING FAMOUS. The world has gone fullbore nuts.

eda said...