Saturday, September 12, 2009

Want A Giggle?

I actually read the following excerpt on a blog today. It was written by an American medical doctor named Jory F. Goodman, M.D. He practices in Beverly Hills and specializes in psychiatry, neuropsychiatry and psychopharmacology. Well, it sounds like he's practicing in the right place, anyway.

Canada, France, Italy, the UK, you name it, any place where there is a national health system, government run, tells the pharmaceutical companies how much they will pay for which medications (and keep in mind that in many places the latest and best treatments are simply not available unless you have private insurance or a great deal of money). So, for example, Canada buys so many doses of an antidepressant or an anticancer drug way below market value. If they run out after eight months it’s tough luck for the patients there. Of course you have never heard of this from the mainstream media, the politicians or the left-wing activists who want socialized medicine.

This man has a licence to practice medicine? Do any of you folks who live in the United States actually believe this stuff? I have never heard such nonsense, and I have never heard of a patient not being given medications because the pharmacy "ran out".

Americans seem to have such a strange view of Canadians, it makes me wonder... Well, anyway, this little video will tell you more about Canadians than you ever wanted to know. Ya gotta laugh.

My name is Jo, and I am Canadian.


PhilipH said...

Jo, that extract from this *doctor's* blog is propaganda of the most hideous kind. This is tantamount to the sort of message that Dr. Joseph Goebbels used to spout prior to and during WW2.

Great clip from youtube!

Russell said...

Okay!! And, yes, the beaver is a proud and noble animal!! Heh! Go Canada!

However, I will add that YOU certainly do not look like THIS Jo (Joe)!!!! And good thing! Hey?!

Russell said...

Damn! I ALMOST was the first one to post a comment .... but I got interrupted by a phone call! A one minute miss!! Heh!


The little gir's face made me smile.

The article? Well, I wasn't smiling last year when my AMERICAN doctor told me that they no longer were going to supply me with Armour Thyroid (but my Canadian friends could still get it).

This happened after the pharmacy TWICE didn't have it 'in stock'.

Then about 6 month ago, they were out of my PAIN MEDICATION IN AMERICA. It took me 3 days to find a pharmacy that had it 'in stock'. This happened last month; and TODAY, it happened again (we just returned home from Walgreens, where they say they'll have to order my medication up; it will be ready in three days).

So, maybe a few of we Americans, ought to start a blog that tells what many of us go through, instead of sharing it by telephone; with friends and family when we visit, and scratching our heads as to what is going on with our crazy doctors; our hospitals who treat us like a bag of wheat, and a president who's trying to fix it all, and he's being demonstrated against; called a 'near-Nazi', for trying to bring affordable health-care to his citizens.

As to the video, well I've got to tell you our Detroit Red Wings measure right up with the Canadians when it come to hockey; I frankly like the way Canadians talk, and I think it's an excellent sister-country that we could do well to 'model' ourselves after.

As an example: How many wars have the Canadians been heavily involved in in the last 40 years? How many prime ministers have been assassinated in the last 50 years? How many times have Canadians endured the outsourcing of jobs; the homelessness as in the USA, or the wild and crazy politics that dominate our insane MSM?

I'm Diane and proud to be your neighbor!

Paula Slade said...

Unbelievable, and this guy has a license to practice - that's scary! Oh, I am so weary of all this polarization over something that should be considered a basic need. P.S. Thought the commercial was a hoot!

Nancy said...

Can I move to Canada? Actually, my husband did work for a company that had most of their holdings in Canada at one time. Unfortunately when the dollar fell it forced the company out of business.

I would move to Canada in a heartbeat. I thought that would never be something I would ever say - but things change.

houndstooth said...

I am already ready to move to Canada or Sweden or Norway! Your post just makes me want to go even more. That video is hilarious!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Wow. Great video. Can't speak for the beer, though. I hate beer of any nationality.

I'm very interested in Happy in Nevada's comment, too. My pharmacy didn't have the Armour thyroid I've taken for years, nor could they get it at any of their other branches. It's dangerous to go cold turkey off a thyroid medication and I said to the pharmacist, "What am I supposed to do?" She shrugged and beckoned the next person in line. Maybe I should move to Canada.

Jo said...

Philip, you're so right. And people are making decisions based on this crap....! Argh.

Russell, LOL...!!! You make me laugh RIGHT OUT LOUD...! :-)

Diane, I agree, the American people need to hear more stories like yours. And yes, you can still get Armour thyroid medication in Canada.

Paula, I don't understand it either. What is everyone so afraid of???

Nancy, you would love Canada. Well, you would certainly feel right at home here, that's for sure. We're all really nice. :-)

Houndstooth, come on up to Canada. There's plenty of room for you here, and we'd make you feel welcome. :-)

Hearts, maybe you can go online and get it from a pharmacy in Canada. We do still have it here. It seems Americans ran out of a medication that Canadians can still get. We should tell that to Dr. Jory F. Goodman there in Beverly Hills. *heh*

TomCat said...

I don't believe it for a minute. US drug companies do make a profit on Canadian drus sales, just not as much profit as they want, so they compensate by charging US patients even more.

the walking man said...

Sadly to many Americans are not really people who have learned despite the level of experience or education to think for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Love the video!

I have a bad case of "country-envy". :-)

The Bug said...

I agree with Carla - country envy totally! That video was a hoot!

Dr. M & I are changing insurance companies because of his new job. It's supposed to be FABULOUS coverage to make up for his low salary. But I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop - what prescriptions won't they cover? Will they consider my shoulder surgery to be a preexisting condition? Yikes!

California Girl said...

Glad you posted this. We Americans are being fed a bill of goods by big business and the politicans they support. Daily scare tactics are used by the health industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the RNC to frighten people who don't know any better and/or are just to lazy to find out. If people here would try to become informed, they might not buy into this stuff. But Canada is portrayed as a country with a terrible health care system, long waiting lines, and little or no guarantee of being seen or cared for.