Saturday, September 12, 2009

Separated At Birth

I work with a young woman who I think bears a strong resemblance to Kate Bekinsale. I asked her if I could do a post about her as long as I didn't divulge her name, and she said, "Sure". So, with her permission, I will tell you a little bit about my friend Amy* (*not her real name).You know how there are some people you meet that just have something unique, sort of a "cut above" all the rest, as it were? I guess in some circles it might be called "star quality", or as the French say, "je ne sais quoi" which literally means, "I don't know what..." Amy has that. She's extremely bright, and I keep encouraging her to go back to school and get her university degree. I believe it's very important for everyone, especially those folks who have potential. I encouraged my daughter when she was growing up, and now she has her Master's Degree. I think Amy has the same potential. So, if you're reading this, Amy, here I go again, nag, nag, nag.

Amy and I provide comic relief for each other in an otherwise very stressful environment. She and I both observe the same ridiculous things going on around us, and are able to have a good laugh occasionally. As in any work environment, there is the usual cast of characters, and true to form, most of them provide a certain degree of entertainment.

"Did you see her shoes...!?"

"Yes, how does she walk in them?"

A few years ago, Amy applied to be a contestant on "Deal or No Deal" with Howie Mandel (who, by the way, is Canadian), but the silly producers didn't choose her. What were they thinking? But if Amy had been chosen, she wanted me to be one of her backup cheerleaders. Oh, goodness, wouldn't that have been a hoot. "Take the deal, Amy...! Take the deal...!" It would have been too much fun.

Well, anyway, I think Amy is a young woman with a future, but the key is education, education, education. Study hard, get that degree -- it's the key to almost everything in life.


heartinsanfrancisco said...

She's lovely. Your advice is excellent, and I hope she will consider doing that for herself.

A.M. said...

hummmm I think I might know this Amy lady. You are so sweet Johanna. You inspire me each and every day. Thank you. It's more than star quality or's determination to be the best you can be in life. I hope I can achieve that.

Sweet dreams, and God bless.

KathyB. said...

Yes, she does look like Kate Beckinsale. Even if she does not go back for more education, if she is even a fraction of what you say she is, she will go far in life. And with you as a friend and encouragement she has already gained much and gone far!

I think friends like you are a treasure Jo! ( and I hope you have some friends like that too)

the walking man said...

Way back when, those of us who did not go to college had opportunity to build a successful middle class life. It is not so readily available anymore.

Go to school kid, the paper may not mean such but it is one of the markers that is looked for in an ever increasing technical society.

ivan said...


You got a pal, I'm looking for a pal.

Kate Beckinsale is in Toronto. I wonder if she's busy.

News item:
Kate Beckinsale joined the legions of stars debuting films at the Toronto Film Festival, as she walked the red carpet Monday night for her new movie, 'Nothing But the Truth.'

In the film, directed by Rod Lurie, Kate plays a Washington D.C. reporter who reveals the name of an undercover CIA operative in a story, and gets thrown into the slammer when she won't reveal her source.

The film co-stars Matt Dillon, Angela Bassett, Vera Farmiga, David Schwimmer, Noah Wyle and Alan Alda.

Jo said...

Hearts, I think I am convincing her. :-)

Amy (*heh*) thank you. Yes, you have that determination. So many of the other folks there are just robots. Don't become a robot! You have the capacity for so much more.

Kathy, oh, yes, I do. And I like to see people who have the ability to be the best they can be, become the best they can be.

Mark, good advice. Things have changed drastically in the 21st Century.

Ivan, that looks like a good film, but hasn't it been done before? Sort of like your most recent post about how eventually everything old is new again. :-)

ivan said...


Hollywood tries out all its crisp new movies in Toronto first, at sometihng called TIFF, "Toronto Internationas Film Festival."
...If Toronto digs,it, the world probably will...But you'd like this: All the new Canadian movies--strangely on themes from other countries--tanked.
I mean seriously, how can I learn about my culture and its ways if I'm watching a love triangle from Bandladesh,writted and directed by Canadians?
...I guess that's what you get with government handouts for crappy films...My opinion, anyway.
Gimme some money. I'm going to write a really crappy film about making love with a divorced Vietnames War Bride at Simpson's Gravel Pit, near Gordon Lightfoot's home at Orillia, Ontario, Canada.

Jo said...

Ivan, you crack me up. Well, if you make a movie in Canada, it's got to be politically correct, don'tcha know!!!???

PhilipH said...

Beautiful looking gal, no doubt about it. With those 'qualifications' I wonder if a degree will be of such importance?

In a way I reckon she was lucky not to go on Deal or No Deal. If it is the same rubbish tv show that the UK Channel 4 puts on then I reckon it's caused more trouble for the majority of contestants than it's worth. Still, to each his own...

Paula Slade said...

How nice that you have a supportive friendship to get you through the work day. Keep pushing her Jo, and "Amy" I hope you're listening - Jo is absolutely, positively, 100% correct and she's in your corner.

Jo said...

Philip, well, I guess it would have been fun if she had won. Maybe she would have shared. *heh*

Paula, yes, I do hope she goes back to school and gets her degree. She has the potential, that's for sure!

TomCat said...

But which one is Amy, and which is Kate?