Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hotel California

I'm a Canadian, not an American, so folks will probably say I don't have a right to an opinion about this, but I just can't seem to get on board this train. What am I missing? If I were an American, my political philosophies would definitely lean more towards the Democrats than the Republicans. So why don't I care for this man? What is it everyone sees that I don't see? Or conversely, what is it I see that others don't see? It's not about race. America is more than ready for a Black President -- one who has indeed come from the ranks of Black American history.

It was during our generation that Black Americans were not permitted to drink from the same drinking fountains as other folks, or swim in the same swimming pools. Sammy Davis, Jr. was a beloved member of the "Rat Pack" and yet he was not allowed to stay in the same hotels as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Rosa Parks became a hero for everyone, Black and White, when she refused to move to the back of the bus. God, that took guts! Many of us cannot even imagine dehumanizing discrimation on that level, so for the Americans to elect a Black President is long overdue.

I understand how awful the last eight years under the Bush Administration have been, and I believe also that any Democrat would have won this election. It was a done deal.

I remember about a million years ago the Eagles had a huge hit song called "Hotel California". Everyone loved it. I thought it was the most boring song I had ever heard. What was I missing? I still think it's the most boring song I have ever heard.

So, will someone please explain to me why I cannot get excited about this man? Why does something not feel right to me? Why does this ostentatious coronation inauguration costing $150,000,000 feel so wrong? I want to like him. Tell me what it is I am missing, and please be specific.

Addendum: I would like to mention that my purpose here is not to offend anyone's political affiliation or beliefs. Goodness! My question is aimed more inward than outward, but it is a valid question. What am I missing?


lovelyprism said...

I wish I could tell you, but I am in the same boat. I just recently left a message on another board saying basically the same thing. I cannot wrap my mind around the "Obama-love-fest" sweeping my country. I guess I missed that particular boat.

Lilly's Life said...

The thing that disturbs me is that its a big ballon waiting to burst. Its an historic moment thats for sure but I think people have too many expectations that he is going to be able to achieve what no other President ever has. I dont personally have anything against him but it seems people are really excited across the world. They should party hard on Tuesday and get down to work on Wednesday. He cannot do this alone.

The Pink Cowboy said...

I voted for Obama because he convinced me he was the best of the two candidates. I am in a celebratory mood understanding that it is not only about Obama but also about a renewal of the American conscience. Obama is many things to many people, he is black, he is white, he's young, he is articulate and intelligent. We do not know for sure how well he is going to do as President, we suspect he is going to be very good in inspiring the nation. Of course all the pageantry is symbolic and traditional just like the trappings of the monarchy (i.e. Great Britain). I must say that I would oppose any cult of personality focused on Obama (i.e. Chairman Mao and the like). At the end of the day he must deliver the goods, we must see results.

Firefly said...

The proof will be in the tasting. We will have to see if he performs. Maybe its time for the USA to have a president with a rock star image again. Anyway, I won't go on about it cause I'm even further removed from the whole AMerican political playing field.
But I do live in South Africa which has seen more than its share of discrimination (even still today... both ways...) I grew up in the eighties and early nineties and didn't know better. When I went to university everything had changed. I went from a white school to varsity where only about 25% was white. It took a bit to get used to, but looking back I can't inmagine how it was before. I got used to the New South Africa veryu quickly. Unfortunately there are still a handfull who are struggling, but the USA still has many of those as well and they have been fully democratic for much longer than us. But I am digressing. Lets just enjoy the whole Obama party for now. Wednesday its nose to the grindstone for him.

Lorna said...

Hey Jo-- we're on the same track. I just now posted an anti-Obama rant in my blog.

Obama is not just the most liberal Senator in the U.S. Senate. He is an ex-Marxist who, if he gets his way, will enlarge the entitlement programs and put the burden on the taxpayers.

As it is, he is giving $500 income tax rebates to people who did not pay income tax, making the rebate, whaddaya know: A HANDOUT.

As well, he is all for giving drivers' licenses to illegals, and against a southern border wall.... which tells me that he is all for allowing illegals in and probably giving them citizenship. This, of course, is to enlarge the voting base of the Democrat party.

I as a blogger am set to chronicle his bad moves as president and I hope that all political bloggers do the same.

I am mad as hell.

Oh Jo, by the way, I live in Southern California and I love HOTEL CALIFORNIA, but such is life.

Lover of Life said...

Read The Audacity of Hope. My husband and I were not really Obama fans. We were divided on Hillary and McCain. Then Obama won the Democratic ticket and McCain picked Palin. We decided it was time to get to know Obama. Listened to his book on tape. Really liked what he said about change and how he came to the way he thought about many things. I cannot say Obama will save the world. It is going to be up to the world to save itself. We have HUGE problems that we are going to have to solve. Obama is a very intelligent man, and after eight years of Bush, it is a relief. But most of us have absolutely no illusion that he will do everything right. We are worried about the huge expenditures. But there was no way we could vote Republican and allow the Supreme Court to become any more conservative. 2000 decision to seat Bush, need I say more? It is really about the Supreme Court.

the walking man said...

Jo...You remind me of all of my Canadian relatives. Both from my side of the family and the wife's.

I'm not sure you're missing anything as far as who or what Obama is but the interpretation of that perception is yours and yours alone. Like every other human on the planet you've experienced situations in the past that define how you define people and events.

I am NOT saying you're, racist, crazy or mean spirited. You are none of those things.

What I am saying is just that you have walked your path and that path is what offers the colours and flavors of your interpretation of events.

Personally I am not all giddy over Obama like some of my neighbors. I will not be joining them as they holler jubilee from the mall or their front stoops.

My expectations are quieter and more restrained. I went with the Democrat majority this time specifically because that political party historically focuses on domestic concerns where as the Republican focus is traditionally on foreign affairs.

I feel it time that the USA, retreat, regroup, and retrench itself to combat the problems of domestic turmoil.

Obama simply happens to be the man in the seat now. To me he will bring a thoughtful intellectualism to the leadership of the nation. Something that has been missing for decades. He has gone to the conservatives for understanding as well as the liberals and I think that maybe this is a part of what makes you distrust him.

No incoming president or Canadian prime minister, that I know of, has ever gone so willingly to his recent opponents to attempt to include their ideology in his thinking. I don't know if this is wisdom or pandering but the proof of his thought processes will be evident in the days ahead.


Rinkly Rimes said...

I'm an Australian so I know even less than you!!! But the flamboyancy is beginning to grate with me too. Jimmy Carter walked to his inauguration; Truman got home and 'unpacked the cases as usual'. I find humility refreshing.But the thing that worries me most is that he's bound to fail . I don't mean FAIL, but some people are bound to be disappointed. Then what? We have a saying here about 'cutting down the tall poppies'. I'm afraid this poppy is enormously tall!

JENZ O said...

From the UK my perspective is this...
USA is in uncharted territory - it knows bezazz so bezazz is what it does.
Obama has somehow to draw a line, a start line as well as a closure and this may help do it. I share your wonder at the cost!
People en masse are driven to run behind simple common denominators. Obama is the most gifted orator in American politics since Kennedy...he is the simple archetype... a leader who can say what the people want to hear,look like and be the man of his time. Now he has to deliver... am I twitchy... he will because he must but USA MUST HELP HIM! The world is changing theatre seats in all arenas, Business, Politics, Technologies...does any one dare paint a picture one year hence let alone five!
Tighten your seat belts folks we are all flying on one engine now!

TheChicGeek said...

I think what's missing is he doesn't have a track record to look at so we can't really be sure what he will do...we've all been so disappointed with the state of our country's affairs and we want a change. I'm praying that he will be able to turn our country around...a hope and a prayer for change. Americans are true pioneers and we love to break barriers, create new frontiers. It's one thing that unites us. Americans are survivors :)

Snooty Aunt Cynthia said...

I think what you are feeling is fear. I live in California and our state is in shambles. Arnie wants to cut off funding for everyone from the schools to the elderly to the state workers, everyone but his big buddies. He is a crook. But read up on the California Electric Crisis to see what that is all about.
As far as Obama, I was a Hilary fan and I still am. I hope she has her day in the WH one day. But right now the fanfare and the giddiness has a lot to do with this historical moment -- a biracial man who has been elected to the highest office in a country that had a civil war and a civil rights movement over the issue of race.
GW Bush and his greedy friends have been in power for 8 years, hell bent with destroying America ( and they weren't too kind to the rest of the world either. Just ask Iraq ). What we have is hope and yet we are terrified as well. I certain wish the President Elect ( and tomorrow the President ) all the best. He is certainly going to need it. You could not pay me enough money to take the job he is taking. Our country is in a mess and it certainly will take all of us to fix it.
Here is hoping God blesses this man with the wisdom he is going to need when it comes to this time in our history. Helen Thomas got it right when she called what we are in a depression. It was good to see someone stand up and speak the truth of it.
And I hope that Obama can see through the idol worship of the masses and roll up his shirtsleeves to get down to the task at hand.
I think many in this country might be looking for a Saviour ) and Obama will not be that. But he does have a herculean task ahead of him in the coming years. God bless America and her new President. I hope and pray that none of our fears and misgivings come true and that what we hope Obama will turn out to be what we want him to be ( someone who can help us clean up this mess ).

Leah Fry said...

No one was more surprised than I to be in the same position at this election as in the previous many. For me, the choice — once again — came down to the lesser of the evils. I didn't like either of them. Sarah Palin did not balance out John McCain, and Obama did not balance out the lackluster Joe Biden.

I also believe there's going to be a big bang (or a long, slow fizzle) when that balloon bursts, as it surely will. There are too many complex problems that don't have quick, sunshine and rainbow endings. I think the American people were/are looking for all this to just go away, and that's not going to happen. God forbid any of us should have a little pain and sacrifice.

As for Hotel California, listen to (or Google the lyrics for) the Red Hot Chili Peppers song called 'Californication.' The songs are about the same thing.

k cody said...

Jo, I think what you are missing is the definitive lack of common sense that seems to have pervaded the country just to the south of your own. I am a home-grown, small town American, and despite my best efforts, I have a tough time getting excited about President Obama. I respect his accomplishments, and I admire the history of this election, but I will not enjoy serving this country for the next four years, it seems.

I apologize for getting a bit personal here, but I cannot get excited about a man who was so dishonest with the American people about what he would change, nor about a man who ran a campaign with the foundation upon which his opponent had built a 26-year reputation. I have a hard time understanding the man who is so lacking in his own convictions that he feels he must include a homosexual minister in the inaugural program (really, I understand tolerance, but conforming to a standard is cowardice).

I pray that President Obama does well, because I love this country and I want to see it come out of the crisis that is now bigger than ever. I am afraid, however, that Mr. Obama's platform of "Change" was really just a way of describing a larger government that is supposed to take care of the needs of every American citizen through irresponsible taxation to support bloated bureaucracy. That is not what this country has stood for in its 232 years of history, and I am loathe to see it change simply because people have figured out that they can vote in the party that promises the least individual responsibility, sacrificing freedom for convenience or freedom for safety.

I genuinely believe in the need for change in this country's government system, but I want deliberate and responsible change, not changes that will raise my taxes for the sake of paying for 'change.'

K. Cody

DUTA said...

Like his predecessors Clinton and Bush, Obama's too young to be good. He should still play with his two girls.
What lays ahead of him is to re-educate a whole nation addicted to unhealthy things ,such as credit, in a way that endangers the country's and the world's economy. He won't succeed in doing this. So, the whole circus going on now around him is a waste of money, of time, of words.

dithunya Seitsang lekoa said...

hi Jo, u are entittled to your own judgement, what you feel, perceive and think is measured by your life experiences.There are exceptions to every rule, right now poll shows 8 in 10 favour The man atleast in America.My eauphoria for Obama is heightened by his book, The Audacity of Hope, sincerely there you will be refusing to see the obvious.

Russell said...

Interesting to see such a diversity of opinion in just the first few comments here...

We do not elect a person for the President - though it seems like that at the surface level. We actually elect a party - a group of people who share particular beliefs.

For us we had the choice between McCain, a Bush supporter and someone who have continued the same course, and Obama, who headed up a new direction for the country. The party is much bigger than the person.

I respect Obama's ability to organize and I hope that continues during his Presidency. We shall see.

You are not missing anything. You have every right to dislike or like the person. However, the real issue is what that person represents and the group of people who support him. It is a new direction for the United States.

Given the record of the last 8 years, that is probably a good thing (!!). Take care!

willow said...

I am a dyed in the wool Republican who voted for Obama because I didn't like where this nation was headed. I voted for change. And as a bonus, I voted for an intelligent, articulate, level headed, young, energetic and kind man. The proof will be in the pudding, so they say. He does have a mammoth task ahead of him.

The inauguation is costing so much partly because of the massive security detail, unfortunately necessary, because of crazies out there who hate him for his color.

RiverPoet said...

I was a Hillary supporter, and I love that she's going to be n a key position in Obama's cabinet. I really wasn't on board with Obama until McCain picked Palin; then I decided it was time to study up on him. I read The Audacity of Hope, I listened to his speeches, and I recognized that a new direction for the country was a Very Good Thing(TM). I have voted both Republican and Democrat during my time as a registered voter. For me, it's all about who can really do the job.

And I like what Mark said in his comment, so I'll quote it here for further emphasis:
"Obama simply happens to be the man in the seat now. To me he will bring a thoughtful intellectualism to the leadership of the nation. Something that has been missing for decades. He has gone to the conservatives for understanding as well as the liberals and I think that maybe this is a part of what makes you distrust him.

No incoming president or Canadian prime minister, that I know of, has ever gone so willingly to his recent opponents to attempt to include their ideology in his thinking. I don't know if this is wisdom or pandering but the proof of his thought processes will be evident in the days ahead."

We all have opinions on this man, but I hope that he surprises even his most strident supporters with his ability to bring together a country that I thought, for a time, might be so divided that we were headed into another Civil War. If he can bring us all together for the common cause of reuniting and saving America, then I'm his #1 fan.

Peace - D

Country Girl said...

I read some of the comments here and began to become annoyed at what people were saying about Obama.
Just as you say there is something about this man that you don't trust, I am saying that there is something that I do.
I respect him. I think he may be what our country needs right now. I am so ready for a change. And he has surprised me with his organizational skills and his ability to bring people together.

Maybe he will fail at many things. But I'm ready to give him a chance.

penthet said...

Why spend so much money, while in other world, there are still starving people that not easy to get a piece of bread.

Renee' said...

I love my country, but it is full of idiots!! I think that most (if not all) of the "love" for Obama stems from the fact that he has made history! In case you can't tell I am not an Obama fan and as bad as America is under Bush's command, I believe we have just taken an epic turn for the worse.

Why did we vote a man into office to become the "leader" of our country, & he was photographed and quoted that he refused to place his hand over his heart when the flag was raised and the national anthem sung?

God Bless America!

Starlene said...

Wow, Jo. Looks like you really opened Pandora's Box here. I read most of the other comments to make sure I wouldn't be repeating what someone else said, so here is my theory on your hesistance to join in the huzzahs.

Some people inherently, subconciously, know deep down inside that looking to someone other than our individual selves to solve a problem, usually yields disappointing results. It seems as if the United States' government has, more or less, devolved into a perpetual dependence cycle machine. Maybe you can just sense that the problems that exist cannot be solved by one man at the highest level. Maybe you wonder why everyone else doesn't see that. ??

Just a guess.

Starlene said...

Oh and I forgot...The Eagles are TOTALLY boring. ALL of their songs.

Leighann said...

I just get a bad vibe. There are so many questionable aspects to him. (where he was born..his campaign began in the living room of an ex-terrorist...etc) Things just didnt seem sound. People had tons of different reasons for voting for who they voted for...everything from making history, to wanting change, to not wanting to be taxed so heavily! I had nothing like that swaying me. Looking past what both candidates stood for, Obama simply didnt gain my trust.

I'm surprised at how carried away americans are getting. Nobody can turn things around in 4 (or even 8) years. Change cannot come as quickly as obama is promising and i am sorry for those who will be disappointed.

I intend on just sitting back and riding the wave. But trust me, I think more people are doubting this than are admitting to it. said...

I suppose not to "get" Hotel California is not to be aware of a third-rail element in society. It was certainly there in the Seventies in California-- Sex, Drugs and Satan-- as it certainly was in B.C.--but you were too busy making living to consider the "Eyes Wide Shut" syndrome so well documented by the genius Stanley Kubrick.
California had become a land of cults,weird practices. And the Eagles hipped us on to the way life is in the cults all around us in the Seventies.
Cults certainly seeped nortward into B.C.and even New York, where Tina Brown ran a whole series on them in the New Yorker before she quit the magazine.
I mean this thing was pervasive...Hale Bop, Be-Bop, I was seriously considering getting surgically castrated and being issued a really spiffy set of running shoes.

There is a third-rail element in American politics and it would take an exotic like Obama to stop America from electrocuting itself again ande again in a misguided foreign policy.
Maybe I'm mesmerized too, but it's surely Jesus at the temple. Beating up on Wall Street? Wal-Mart?
I am not a Jesus freak, but there is a new dance of the dialectic.
People are tired of being fed bullshit while going broke with bankers and GM being bailed out all the time on taxpayer money and the moguls not not giving us any.

Jon Stewart: Is there anybody important in America who is for the Palestinian side?
The third world instictively knows Obama is their colour and things will just have to get better. They c ertainly couldn't get worse.

Yeah, it was only rock and roll.
But was it?

Donnetta Lee said...

Dunno, Jo. I never make political comments, as you know. But maybe you have some sort of strong intuitiveness that is unique to yourself. It's giving you some kind of internal vibe. We'll see how history plays itself out. D

Anonymous said...

I don't get it either. Nothing he said impressed me so much (or even a little) to explain why women are fainting in the middle of Time Square. Or why non-americans in forein countries are celebrating his achievement. His whole Robin Hood concept of spreading the wealth scares me. I'm far from being "rich", but I will not support a man who will take my hard-earned money and give it to someone else because he believes they should have it. I worked for it, I should keep it. I can go on and on, but I think it's more interesting that you don't like Hotel California. It's ok once you've had a few beers and the night is ending.

Adam said...

i have read all the comments and I guess I am deciding to put my opinion onto a piece that has been opinionated to death.

I think the pageantry in this inauguration is because he is the first black president. He isn't overly qualified to be the leader of the free world, and let's face it, George W. Bush came from a much better political background and look how he's doing.

Everytime Obama speaks, he reminds me of the shambles we are in. When I go to therapy, they don't tell me everytime I go in to remember the failures of my life, and that I need to change. They say forget the past.

Obama, you're elected, no more propaganda. Just get the job done. Put up or shut up.

bearbear said...

I'm a new follower of your blog even though I haven't "officially" placed myself as one on your blog. I enjoy reading you everyday. I am from the Deep South in the U.S. where everyone thinks we're all just a bunch of bigots. I am from the same generation as you. I did not vote for the man but it had nothing to do with skin color. I think the answer to your question is that we do not know him. We do not know his true nature, what he's "about", what he will do (if anything) when he is serving as our President. He gives me the impression that he just tries to be everything to everybody as long as he's elected PRESIDENT!! It IS a very historic moment for our country but so what? Do we elect someone only for that reason? We need to be electing someone who can do the best job for our country. There's a country music song that says, "you gotta stand for something or you're fall for anything"!

Anonymous said...

Of course, you have a right to your opinion! I don't know how to explain it. For the first time in my life, I'm really interested in politics. I love Obama! Tomorrow will be a very emotional day for me. I do realize that he is not a miracle worker and nothing will change quickly. But I do think he is a very good man and is what we need right now. That's just my opinion. And I also love almost everything the Eagles have ever done. :-)

susan said...

Obamapalooza is what the inauguration is looking like to us. There's going to be disappointment if it turns out Change was just the name of the shop.

bearbear said...

to correct my comment - "you gotta stand for something or you'll fall for anything".

Charles Gramlich said...

I have no idea why you would feel this way. I don't have any of the same feelings about Obama, though I'm not convinced he is the world's savior as some folks seem to think.

But then, I really liked Hotel California. Very interesting, surreal lyrics, a good rhythm that was just a touch off the beaten path. A great song. I thought.

Mclndesm said...

As an American and a Democrat I can tell you what President Elect Obama (1 more day)represents- a little thing called hope. I live 30 minutes from NYC and I can tell you the devastation that rocked this country on 9/11 is still felt to this day. I worked at a Montessori School where a majority of the parents worked in Manhattan.All different races and religions. I had to remain calm while I looked at the childrens faces not knowing if their parents were burning or jumping from the towers.We did not have a tv there so we found out the plane hit when a mother was trying to reach her husband in Manhattan and lost the connection. To see the 2 buildings come down was a taste of what other countries go thru on a daily basis. The fires burned for months and helicopters were over my house on a daily basis. I still duck when a plane flies too low. So, let me be clear when I say President Elect Obama represents HOPE,CHANGE,OPEN DIALOGUE/STRENGTH! The past 8 years have been a nightmare. The war mongers and profiteers have been running the country. What makes America strong is her ability to rise and renew herself as she has done for centuries. Yes, I know we are a young country but we come from strong stock and we are ready for the challenge.
President Elect Obama's Inaguration is for the people not the President,which is really what this is all about. The people are the strength behind this President.
That's what the energy is that you can't quite put your finger on...the people of The United States Of America.

denese said...

My post was too long so I will just say that I am a supporter for many reasons: His economic philosophy and the current state of the economy; the war in Iraq; health care; philosophy and practice on campaign contributions; even personality, educated and erudite; charismatic; coalition builder, etc.

ABOUT RACE: Over 200 years ago black slaves built the White House. Now we will have a black (bi-racial) president. I don't think that you can over emphasize or over estimate the significance of this event.

CABINET: I am a Clintonite and always have been, and was initially for Hillary. If Obama has aligned himself with many of the ex-Clinton crowd, better yet.

As for the Inauguration: public watch dog groups are saying that 70% of the Inauguration was paid for by private donors; they are allowed to donate less than at any time in history, and are receiving fewer perks for it. As for the remainder of the money-- there are some events worth celebrating.

WHY NOT be hopeful and celebrate?

denese said...

PS: I have lived in the Deep South for 15 years now. There is no doubt in my mind that race plays a huge role for those who do not support Obama. No doubt in my mind at all.

leilani said...

I think PINK COWBOY said it so well. It is about American conscience. Thank you COWBOY. As an American i want to continue to be responsible in my actions for the greater good of all man. I as an American have for too long stood apathtic in my veiws not only for my fellow Americans and for the world and ultimately for the planet. I think Obama represents an awakening of HOPE and EMPATHY and SOCIAL RESPONSIBLILITY.

Jo said...

Gosh, thank you everyone for your comments. I am amazed at the depth and wisdom of all of them. If nothing else, the new American President generates controversy.

In Canada, we have never been able to understand how Bush was (*cough*) elected the first time, and even more -- how on earth was he elected the second time? So, Americans have to take a small bit of the responsibility for the last eight years. I do hope things change for the better, but I think it is too much to put on one man's shoulders. I think folks must be careful to remember he is a man, and not to make him into a demogogue. That would only doom him to failure.

A Borg said...

I know what you mean. I am far more conservative in my political and social principles than most but I too want to like Obama. He is charismatic, inspiring, motivated... but how can I trust these people, any of them Democratic or Republican, when election after election they all do the same thing. The only difference that I have seen is that each administration has been from a different political party. God help us.

Poutalicious said...

I wanted so badly to believe in his platform. But I have become increasingly disillusioned with him over time. The current reason is the cost of the inauguration at upwards of 150M. We are in the middle of two wars and I just heard today that 150 Circuit Cities will close putting more people out of work to add to the millions already out of work. I won't be partying because I cannot when our men and women abroad are dying for our country and millions of Americans don't know where their next place to live or their next job will come from.

Poutalicious said...
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Poutalicious said...
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Stowers said...

Obama has connected on a very emotional level with his supporters. It sounds like you relate to him more on a rational level.

Please note that this is not meant to disparage connecting on an emotional level! It's an important skill for politicians to have, but not everybody is going to be on that train with him. And I think that's important - we need naysayers and skeptics to maintain the balance of powers and prevent a dictatorship.

So sayeth this a giddy Obama supporter.

naperville mom said...

Right on with you...The train ride, for instance, was it more than a marketing gimmick?

Miranda said...

No matter who got elected Obama or McCain, they have a lot of work to do. Everyone is expecting a miracle from Obama and when he doesn't deliver I fear a great fall out. People after to realize its about HOPE. I HOPE something better happens. I HOPE it won't be the same as the last 8 years. I HOPE people can open their minds and hearts to the glimmer of change that is to come. I voted for Obama, not because he's black, but because he gave me a little sparkle of hope where McCain just reminded me of Bush, but older.
Side note, I love your blog, I love that you state your oppinion and are not afraid of what people will think. Keep on thinking about it, you don't have to like him, you can be suspicious of him. But just think if McCain would have gotten it, we would have had 4 more years of the same BS.

Lauren said...

This man disturbs me greatly. I don't care about his religion, but I do care about the fact that this man will NOT salute our flag, will NOT stand for our national anthem, and should you read his books, he is extremely prejudice. There are many many references in his books that back this idea. So, how exactly are we trusting this man to fairly and without prejudice, to run this country, and to save the economic crisis when he wants to pump my tax dollars into the welfare system? I understand that there are people who need help, but too many are sapping this country dry.

Mclndesm said...

I take zero responsibility for George Bush 8 year reign. ZERO.
He is the epitome of gross irresponsibility in it's most gruesome forms. I love the country I live in. No country is exempt in gross irresponsibility. None. What Obama represents is responsibility. The hard truth is that we all have to be part of the solution and it will not be fast nor easy. So naysayers please do a favor for your country and suck it up. This is The United States Of America.

crone51 said...

I read his book. The first one- Dreams Of My Father and I jumped on board. His intelligence and ability to reflect on his own motives , his sensitivity and his maturity amazed me- and he wrote that book in his 30s.

And then there is this moment, which cannot be celebrated enough - the moment this country grew up- that happened on November 4 2008. I am 57 years old and I have waited for this moment since I was twelve years old and watched MLK jr's speech on the TV, wishing like hell I could be there . I am leaving for DC in just an hour or so and I am gonna be celebrating THIS MOMENT with a couple of million other folks.

I am very cynical about my country and all politicians but this particular moment is very special to this country. Believe me.

crone51 said...

And one more thing... I totally hate Hotel California!


care020 said...

The majority of that huge inauguration bill is the cost of giving as many ordinary people as possible access to this moment. Yes, there is a cost (security, traffic control, etc...) to make it possible for my best friend and several of my family members to actually be a part of this moment.

Personally, I will be watching the events unfold on television because the realities of my everyday life cannot be put aside right now. That leads to the point about our "Obama-love-fest". When the speeches and the music have died down (12:01am Wednesday morning) the reality of a nation in crisis cannot be put aside. People will expect action and measurable results rather than rhetoric. Actions and results will ultimately be the measure of this or any other president.

Lyn said...

Quite a moment in history, and not everyone cares for Obama. Surprise!
I'm not hypnotized by Obama, did favor Hillary, still think she's the brainiest pol around. Well she's in the circle, good for that.
Why does it seem that the anti-Obama comments are meaner, nastier, repeating flawed information? Republicans, listen up...20% approval for GW is not an occasion for flag waving.
Almost Pres. Obama has some reasonably good traits going for him: youth, energy, intelligence. And an historic moment that's been waiting to happen.
Now if he'd only give up smoking!

It's Just Me said...

I just fear that people are putting too much hope on one person. Change comes from within; make the change you want to see sort of thing. I fear that people are expecting too much. I am glad though that people's state of mind is changing....

Uppity Diva said...

Hey check out our blog:

And to your point - I think that because there is so much "hype" surrounding this election and this president (versus any other), you may just be over it.

People have covered the election and the candidates ad nauseum. The media has dove into every facet of his life - from his political platform to his canine choices; so it is not surprising that you and others have opted to not jump on the bandwagon.

I will openly admit I voted for Obama and was happy he won. As you stated, it was a no brainer that a Democrat was going to take this election. However, This election also served to be something of a popularity contest; Obama is the new homecoming king.

He represents a lot of sentiments that were stifled during the past 8 years as well as throughout history, so people are celebrating him and all that he "Represents"; Unfortunately, they haven't realized that IT'S NOT THAT SERIOUS!

He's a president as is any other; and Heaven knows all this celebration will be moot if he does not succeed in office.

In closing, I'm certain that all the fanfare will pass once it's really time for him to roll up his sleeves and get down to work.

And don't forget, check out our blog: Thanks! (shameless plug, lol)

Lorna said...

Someone mentioned the Supreme Court and protecting it from Republicans. I say this:

Mr. Obama wants to appoint justices who will legislate from the bench and rule according to their own values rather than justices who will interpret the Constitution's original intent.(This is on a video on YouTube.)

The last thing this country needs is a justice who rules according to his own values rather than by the intent as prescribed in the Constitution.

To go astray from this degrades this country and makes it like so many others that did not have the good luck of Founding Fathers with such intellect and wisdom.


Lorna said...

THE AUDACITY OF HOPE by Barack Obama has many, many lies and inaccuracies in it. I might post on all those lies and misrepresentations and half truths someday; there are too many to put in a Comment box.


Lorna said...

Up until the Market Fallout in September '08, John McCain WAS AHEAD IN THE POLLS. It was not a foregone conclusion that Obama would win.

Do you know how many ILLEGITIMATE A.C.O.R.N. voter registrations got through because the Democrats were getting people to sign up once, twice, many times?


Lorna said...

To a commenter:

Obama has done nothing to earn our trust. Therefore, on what basis do you trust him?


denese said...

This is getting too much for me. Some of this is reminiscent of the nasty sound-bites that were leaked by the Republican party during the election, many untrue.

So, at the risk of encouraging downright slander, I'll ask the question: What lies and half truths were in the Audacity of Hope?

Jo said...

Oh, gosh, I didn't mean for this post to become confrontational. I seem to always open a Pandora's box and put my head on a chopping block ... just to mix my metaphors. :-)

I hope folks will not get into fisticuffs here. I was hoping people would tell me some tangible, positive things (not generalities) about Obama that might make me understand him more.

I think I like the Pink Cowboy's comments the best. It seems to sum it up concisely.

Anonymous said...

I am with you. The world needs to get over this! I was in Italy right before the election and Italians in the airport actually tried to put pressure on me to tell them how I was going to vote. They insisted that I votr for Obama. I finally stopped them, told them it was none of their business how I vote, that I would do what my heart told me to do. I was promptly called a "Damn Bush lover"! In all honesty, I was not a big fan of either candidate, I was one of many American citizens stuck between a rock and a hard place. But this Coronation we have going here in the USA is completely out of hand!

Rachel said...

I'm with ya.
He's nothing to be excited about.
America will discover that soon.

Stephanie said...

I'm not at all excited about Obama coming into office- which, as an American college student, is against the norm. I completely agree with what you've said, but hopefully we'll both be wrong, and he'll actually deliver on the change he promieses... as long as it's good change. He never did say what kind it would be. said...


The late critic Lionel Trilling says the way out of tragedy is intelingence and right intention.

I'd augur that Obama has both.

Mr C Kay said...

I'm not sure if the "common - average' American is gogooo gagaa over Obama - but I definitely think the media is. It's the next "big thing" to cover.

He seems more like a celebrity than a politician. He might become a successful president and we'll have the next 4 or 8 years to decide.

Expectations are high, so let's hope he can deliver for the nation.

Alissa said...

I think part of the excitement is that for the first time in a long time, we have elected someone to the position of president who actually deserves the post.

Barack Obama is not some child of privilege, who got to where he is in life because of who his parents are or because he happened to have a lot of money. He worked hard to get to where he is, and embodies the American dream. In that way, he is a man that most Americans can identify with.

Compare this to someone like John McCain who said things throughout the campaign like $300,000 is not a lot of money, when, in fact, for most Americans it is a lot of money.

Barack Obama has experience in helping out those less fortunate, and not in the typical political way by simply throwing money around. In the past he has shown a willingness to bring people together to solve problems instead of relying on the old Washington us against them mentality which gets us nowhere.

Right now, this country is broken. We need someone who can fix it. Barack Obama is a man of action and a man of ideas. He is intelligent, and he knows how to get things done. I think he earnestly does want to make this country a better place, which is supposed to be the whole idea of becoming a president.

It will take a while, but I think he will be able to turn things around. Those who are students of history will recall that the New Deal didn't end the Great Depression. That the depression didn't offically end until World War II, but had we gotten to that point without any New Deal to slowly turn our economy around, it would likely have broken the back of this country.

What we have in Obama, is an intelligent and idealistic president who exists outside the Washington machine. He's much closer to the ideal of a leader that the founding fathers had, than anyone we have seen in awhile.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because you don't live in the U.S. and maybe it's because some people who do, live in their own bubbles are missing something really important here. More than war, more than economics, more than the ineptitude and blatant disregard for law by this last administration (that's permeated this nation for so long now) that make it difficult for people to drill down a little deeper and just feel something. That's what the entire Obama phenomenon is about. Remember the old Coke commercial that somehow made you feel good whenever you heard it..."I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony"? Maybe it's like that...the FEELING that we're more than our little worlds. That maybe, just maybe it could be true that we, the people of this country, don't have to be victims. That perhaps there are ideals, and vision, and hope. If that doesn't work for you, pack up with Bush, and take your bad vibes with you. Cheerleaders, you all stay and let's make this new thing happen!

Deedee said...

As an American who was truly and deeply disturbed by the chaos, discord and alienation wrought by the outgoing administration, I would say that Barack Obama represents hope. Hope for peace. Hope for unity among people of all races. Hope for a return to sanity. Look at the complete disaster Bush and his cronies have made of our once proud country. What's not to be excited about? Just listen to his acceptance speech. Time will tell, but I believe he is just what we need. And don't forget,he's not just African American - he's biracial, the perfect representation of the melting pot the USA really is. I think you will see our country regain the respect of the world and I think he will restore our dignity and respect for ourselves in the process. PEACE!

Linda said...

What do we see in Obama? It's simple - LEADERSHIP - a quality that has been sorely missing in the US in the past several years.

California Girl said...

I read as many of the comments as I could stomach but stopped at ten. Lover of Life has the most reasonable answer. The rest of the first ten seem to be in various stages of condescension, skepticism or they're just too dumb to believe the country can change. Lorna: a great example of the newly disenfranchised right wing Republicans wondering what happened. And what happened is, the pendulum has swung to the other side. The American people, for good or ill, elected George Bush once (not twice, they actually elected Gore the first time) and had to LIVE WITH IT. The amazing thing is, no matter what the decision of the Supreme Court, the American people elected Bush a second time. They got what they deserve. Unfortunately, they took the rest of us down with them. So, now that we're trillions of dollars in the hole, with over 4,000 soldiers dead and who knows how many tens of thousands Iraquis and other middle easterners dead, and big business has raped and pillaged everyone, including themselves, and our banks are worthless and our stocks are worthless and our country is on the bring of a depression, well...can you really blame some of us who are HOPEing against HOPE this man will save our bacon?

California Girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jo said...

Thank you, everyone, for your insightful comments. Again, just to reiterate, I am not pro-Bush. I am amazed he was elected to two terms in office. He was elected by the American people, in good faith.

What I am puzzled about is the mania that surrounds your new President-elect. I don't understand it. Even in Canada, we have people who are completely in awe of him, and I don't understand why.

We had a similar situation in Canada with Prime Miniser Pierre Trudeau. It was called "Trudeaumania". He was charismatic, extremely intelligent and well-educated, he was liberal, and everyone loved him. He wasn't just a man, he was a movement. (Sound familiar?) And he ruined our country in ways we will never be able to recover. Just before he died, he said, "Oops, I made a mistake."

I'm just thinking of the old saying, "Be careful what you wish for..."

Mclndesm said...

We Americans are not naive. We know he is just a man, as was Martin Luther King, John F.Kennedy, Ghandi, Jesus, shall I go on??
I enclosed a link to YouTube that captures what this means to us. What would we be as a human race without hope? We wouldn't be that's what.
Enjoy the video.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! I agree.

Ann said...

As for me personally, I have been sick of the hype surrounding him since... oh, about day 1. We hardly know anything about him, and yet folks want to worship him as if he's a god. I'm glad we (as Americans) seem to have made a big step past racism; that is a fabulous thing. The point is it seems like people think this man can do no wrong... that in itself throws up red flags to me. Like we'll let him do anything to our country because he's so darn amazing! I don't get it, and I'll just be glad when tomorrow is over and he just has to do his job. How that will work out, who knows... I have concerns, to be sure. Even my 11 year old daughter seems to understand more than alot of adults here... we were discussing the presidential race, and I was trying to see if she could just see both sides and what she'd think (I am trying to raise her to use her mind!) and she said "Well, Obama keeps talking about 'change' but I don't remember him saying what he's going to change. I could burn our house down, that would be change, but it wouldn't be good." From the mouths of babes...

marain said...

Jo, I totally love your blog. I think you are a wonderful writer and I have been enjoying reading your very entertaining posts, so I hope you will not take any of the following personally - it's all just what I feel about politics and is not directed at you personally. It's kinda serious, but you asked!

First of all, I see GWB as having been selected by the Supreme Court in 2000 (Gore actually won the popular vote by 500,000+ votes), and I am convinced that the election of 2004 was stolen for GWB via electronic tampering with the computerized results (the exit polls did not agree with the final outcome, and a number of statistical studies have shown that tampering must have occurred), so it is my view that the majority of Americans did not wish to have GWB in either election.

I think what most people are happy about now is not about Barack Obama personally - he could be anyone - but that someone, finally, with intelligence and compassion and, so far at least, a sterling reputation, who is also a Democrat, is taking the primary leadership position in the USA. I think many people feel relieved that the Republicans will not have the opportunity, at least for the next four years, to continue handing everything over to the corporations, including the military industrial complex, on a silver platter at the expense of the taxpayer, the consumer, the environment, and the sanctity of sovereign nations. The Republican Party, for all its former greatness and glory (it was the party of Lincoln and its supporters abolished slavery), was somewhere along the way hijacked by neoconservative criminals, many of whom rose to positions of leadership and influence in the GWB "administration".

The little people have been given a four year break from the thievery that has been going on at their expense. It remains to be seen what will happen next, but I, for one, am breathing easier and am feeling kinda hopeful for the future.

All the best to you!!!

lovelyprism said...

Oh Jo! LOL! What an incredible response. I didn't get into any specifics with my comment, but I feel I must remind people of something important. Bush didn't make this mess on his own, he was blocked by a Democratic congress at every possible turn and backed by the same congress at some point. He didn't make these decisions on his own! The Commander in Chief of the U.S. Military, is exactly that, the Commander in Chief of the military. Obama may have some good luck, being a Democratic President backed by a Democratic congress. But CHANGE? Really? This is not change it is reversal. Look how many of his appointees are from the Clinton camp. Have we all forgotten that President Clinton was brought up on impeachment charges and nearly impeached?
And as for a "historical event", maybe we should give Bush credit where it's due for being president during and after 9/11, dealing with the fall out and keeping us safe in the years since. He was also President during Katrina and dealt with the aftermath of what the Clinton's left behind. Obama is just one man, as is President Bush, he cannot and will not be making these decisions on his own. So while I don't care for the man, I always try to keep this in mind...his achievements and failures will be shared with the U.S. Congress and every other delegate we have elected. If we don't like it then we can opt for more "change"

Anonymous said...

If we dig a little deeper, what confronts most of us about Obama is that he is a reflection of 21st century America and we have a deep cynical distrust of politicians and rhetoric. Toss in the uncertainty of the future, thankful you don't live in Illinois!

Mclndesm said...

It is a wonderful day to be alive in America and in History. I am so blessed to be able to see this in my lifetime. President Barack Obama. For all the misinformation being thrown around,try doing some research about Our New President Barack Obama. Research/Not gossip/propoganda/rumor.Research.Use your rational intellect when searching for information and history about our New President Barack Obama. Oh and by the way- The Whole Clinton Witch Hunt was funded by courtesy of the Republican Party (who are the sorest losers I have ever seen in my life and hope you do not pass that mentality unto your children) George W. Bush was a coke addict and an alcoholic. That is a fact. If you watched the inauguration without blinders you would see that what our New President Barack Obama impressed upon America is that we are a strong nation, we must ALL work together to work towards a better Nation and get out of the hole we are in. Responsibility and Integrity (words we have not heard in the last 8 years).

President Barack Obama has kept his focus and stayed steady and unwavering during a Media Frenzy that he did not create. That is the kind of person I want in the White House.
He Is Our President. Time to Move Forward for the Common Good of the Country. God Bless All and God Bless America.

Mclndesm said...

Love your blog and your approach. Very tempered. I love to have points to ponder so I will be a frequent visitor in the future.
Peace and Prosperity

wolynski said...

You're not missing anything. For years Obama has been talking and not saying anything, except for empty slogans.

He's certainly good at getting himself elected to things. We'll see if he can actually do anything else. Tomorrow he starts running for re-election. Platitudes will only get you so far.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more, Wolynski. You took the words right out of my mouth. On another note, I have been reading Jo's blog since she started, and it was a small group of posters. When she received the Blog of Note (or something) so many new peeps starting posting. Didn't bother me until this post. People with extreme views (ie, McIndesm) truly bother me.

Deb said...

Don't know how I missed this post, Jo. Perhaps it was a sign from the universe NOT to read your post! ;)

You are entitled to your opinion. However, I feel this is an American issue.
We elected him.
We will live with his politics for the next four years.
If we don't agree that he has done a job that is worthy of the American people, we can boot him out in 2012.
He will make mistakes as humans do.

Many Americans agree that he is a far cry from his predisor, George W. Bush.
We need a leader that can connect with the People. What he represents to so many young people is miraculous. No more will a young black child admire a sports hero, but in fact, look up to a man that came from a blended family. This child sees himself.

This is America. A melting pot of hard working people. Mr. Obama's first duty is to the American people.

You don't have to love him. Nuff said.

William said...

Hi Jo,

What you are missing is what this man represents. He is a symbol of hope and change and even though that sounds like a campaign slogan, it is true. We have been subjected to a rash of Presidents who were not worthy of the office and one cannot help but suspect that indifference is exactly what “the powers that be” want.

So many people just didn’t care anymore about voting or paying attention to what the Government was doing because they felt no one was listening. This allowed us to elect a Texas Waffle like Bush and a womanizing draft dodger like Clinton to office.

Many Americans have never read the Constitution and don’t even realize when their rights are being trampled on. Bush and company used fear and shame to push their agenda forward, but finally that silent majority has said “enough.”

Of course President Obama cannot work miracles and those that think he can are going to be disappointed but our new President (said with the first time with pride in my 38 years) is asking the American people to get involved and take action and that is what we have needed all along but never getting…..a leader.

Jo said...

Thank you again, everyone, for your thoughtful comments. It has helped me to understand a few things - from both perspectives. You have been through a terrible eight years. I understand how Bush was *cough* elected the first time, but how did he get elected the second time? How did that happen? The American people elected him.

I understand Obama represents new hope, but I do not understand the "Obamamania". I think it will be too much for him to live up to.

In addition, when an American President is elected, the whole world is affected - make no mistake. American policy affects every corner of the world, and no less so than here in Canada, American's closest neighbors. It's just a fact of life, unfortunately. So Canadians do have a vested interest in whomever is elected President, politically, financially and in many, many other ways. Canadians understand that. Americans sneeze, we say "bless you". We are inextricably linked.

Lover of Life said...

Wow, Jo! Beautifully put. Thank you for reminding us Americans, that we are very intimately linked here in North America, and in the world. We care about you, too, make no mistake about it. The American people do care. And now we have leadership that cares, too.

Penfuin said...

I read as many of the comments as I could, but had to skim a few so if I am repeating anyones sentiments, I apologize.

I am an American. According to a DNA test just done on my family we have just about everything you can imagine in our ancestral history, but by looking at me, my skin is peach. What does all of that mean, It means I am an American. Wait, I already said that, but that is exactly my point. Why does any of this have to be about color because any more, if you trace us all back far enough, none of us is pure anything.

What does that have to do with our new President? Everything and Nothing. I actually pity the man, and any of the last and future Americans that have had or will have that office. The amount of pressure we, the media generation, put on one human being is crushing.

I, personally, did not like any of the choices we had been given on our ballot, but I am proud that we had a ballot in which to vote. I swell with pride at my National Anthem and the site of the American Flag. I have heard and read that Obama doesn't, but why would anyone want to serve in such a position during such a difficult time if they didn't truly believe in this country? I do not know the answer to that, and truthfully, I don't think anyone will until we are able to look back, but ah, that will be too late for opinions won't it?

In all honesty, the only people in this country that are smart enough, humble enough, and strong enough to do true justice to the Office of President of the United States (or any Sovereign nation for that matter) are also smart enough NOT to run.

All of the fanfare of the last few weeks can be blamed more on the media than the actual political offices in my opinion, but I must say, it did grow a little old on me.

I don't know what the next years will bring. I know that personally the last 8 have been very rough for me but GWB personally had nothing to do with that. Again, he was one man.

I do wish our new President luck as he takes office, and for the sake of country that I hold so dear, I hope that all of the decisions made by everyone in the administration are made with much thoughtfulness.

In closing to this ramble, I will say that as an American I will stand by the President of the United States, because he is just that, My President, whether I voted for him or not. If I were ever to be in his presence I would feel honored.

God Bless!

Cheesewench said...

I agree that a lot of people have turned Obama into some kind of Messiah for our time. At the end of the day he is just a man though and can only do so much.

The reason I'm excited about him is because of how he got people involved. He told us that he was the candidate for change, but that if we wanted it we would have to put in some effort.

He has always said that fixing things isn't going to happen overnight, but that he's going to work towards getting this country back on the right track. How can you not be for someone who encouraged massive amounts of lazy Americans to get off their butts and do something?

I contributed time and money to his campaign, and I contributed to his inauguration as well. The way that Obama was able to raise so much money is by asking for whatever size donation you could afford. The minimum amount on his site was $5. The minimum on McCains' was (if I recall correctly) $25 or $50. That is how you eliminate the middle and poor classes, push them out.

I know that the depression we're in (it's a depression, not a recession folks) will not change overnight. I know that when I wake up tomorrow I will have the same non-existent healthcare that I have now. I jsut believe that it will Obama will be able to continue his momentum and ours, and that we the people will be able to get stuff done.

I can't stand the Eagles either. They just seem overwhelmingly mediocre.

Oh yes, Bush raised the tariff on Roquefort because the French wouldn't take our beef. Petty isn't a pretty color on us.

Jo said...

Thank you everyone. I am amazed at the kaleidoscope of ideas and opinions about Obama. Each and everyone is different. "In all honesty, the only people in this country that are smart enough, humble enough, and strong enough to do true justice to the Office of President of the United States (or any Sovereign nation for that matter) are also smart enough NOT to run." That is probably the most insightful comment on this whole page. And yes, I agree completely! And, as you say, time will tell!

And yes, I don't understand the whole messiah thing. I actually find that a bit frightening. I think that is what puts me off a bit. I'm a contrarian. :-)

Mclndesm said...

I want to clarify that I don't think we Americans are looking at President Obama as a "Messiah". I think it has more to do with his gift to speak to one's sense of responsibility/integrity and spirituality. He is calling upon us to stand up and take action for good in our little space that we take up on this planet. To throw away the anger and apathy that we have succumbed to with the last administration and begin again with renewed fervor to invest in ourselves,our neighbors and therefore pass it on until we can begin to see and feel the changes we have needed so dearly.

To quote Kurt Vonnegut-
"New knowledge is the most valuable commodity on earth.
The more truth we have to work with, the richer we become".

Lisa said...

You're not alone. Many, many Americans are not on the bandwagon and never will be. A lot of us are simply celebrating being American. We may not like who is representing us to the world but we are lucky to have the freedom to have a small say in who does.

Jo said...

McIndesm, well, you certainly need a relief from the last eight years, that is for sure!

Here in Canaada, we watch the news coverage of Obama, and the crowds are crying, cheering, trance-like. It's almost like a cult. I have found it quite frightening, because I have a huge suspicion of cults and cult-leaders. So the whole Obama movement has reminded me of that.

I have heard the word Messiah used so many times in reference to him, not only in print, on the blogs, but also on television, and it has disturbed me.

Bill Clinton was one of the best Presidents you folks ever had. Your economy was in such fabulous shape, and I think he was highly underestimated. I don't see how Obama can be any better than Clinton was.

JFK was one of the worst womanizers in American Presidential history, and yet he is still revered, while Clinton was reviled. I don't understand the double standards. These people are only men -- human beings.

I want to like Obama, but something in my brain is saying there is something not quite right. I can't help it. I feel very bad, but my instinct (which is pretty much always bang-on) is telling me there is something wrong, wrong, wrong.

I hope I am wrong. *heh*

Mclndesm said...

I can appreciate your opinion and I certainly understand following one's gut. JFK and Clinton were womanizers but that did not affect the profound changes they brought to this country and still do. The tears and cheering have a lot to to with America's Civil Rights History and the struggle that we all have felt in our lives when we have been invisible,disinfranchised,disposable. As I have said before.. It is the people behind the president that now feel we are getting some of our power back as a nation. His inaugural speech was spot on. It may not be pretty but we are ready for the challenge.As far as the throwing around of the word "Messiah: this is again the media spinning a story to sell. It grabs one's attention because of the word but by no means reflects how Americans view President Obama.He is a man not a God and I am somewhat offended by others thinking that our commitment to our faith (whatever that may be)would be projected unto our President as if he were our faith. He is not.

Mclndesm said...

On a lighter note,
We Americans are now focused on the fshions of that day and so it goes...

Jo said...

McIndesm, I was chatting with a friend of mine last night, who is American, and we agreed that everyone loves Americans. They are great people. I think they are always hopeful.

And yes, the Media is very fickle. It won't be long before Obama takes a mis-step and the Media will be all over it. I think that is the nature of politics. Personally, I think I will like him better when he does take a mis-step. It will make him more human.

Mclndesm said...

As well, we Americans love you Canadians. I grew up 2 hours from Canada and my Grandmother's family is Canadian so you certainly hold a warm spot in my heart.
I agree re:The Media. It is a machine that feeds 7/24 and has to fill their airtime. When President Obama stumbles (and he will) they will be on him like the vulture to the kill. My only concern is the media keep their promise to give the kids their privacy. They are just babies and do not belong in the media spotlight, but I have a feeling their mother is more than capable of enforcing that promise.

Jo said...

McIndesm, oh, yes, I agree about the children. I did a post about that once. They are delightful little girls, and they deserve to grow up as normally as possible. I remember how horrible the media was to Chelsea Clinton and the Carters' daughter. Goodness!

Anonymous said...

I understand the historical significance but I do not understand the over-the-top blatant worship of someone who is just a man who puts on his pants one leg at a time like the rest of us. I'm nervous about the direction he will take our country. There will be many Obama "followers" that will be disappointed before it is over.

Jo said...

Anonymous, yes! Your comment sums it up completely! Yes!

The Promiscuous Reader said...

Jo, I'm an American and I feel about Obama roughly the way you do, it seems. And plenty of non-Americans have been turning into puddles of hope over the man. So I don't think your feelings are necessarily due to your being Canadian.

But despite my own distaste for the man, I think it's interesting that most of the criticism of Obama I see here is simply false -- just regurgitated RNC talking points and propaganda, like the stuff about his being the most liberal Senator, etc. And when I see people talking about Obama taking our tax money and giving it to people who did nothing to deserve it, at first I think they're talking about the bank bailout. If they're going to hate Obama, they'd better hate Bush too.

From the time Obama first became a star (after his speech at the 2004 Dem convention, wasn't it?) I was wary of him, because I read left-wing media that did their research and showed just how right-wing he was. Since he's only moved further right since then, I suspect we're seeing a replay of the Republican hatred for Bill Clinton, a Reagan Democrat whom everyone thinks is a liberal, for some reason. (And I'm sorry to pick on you too, but the economy did not do well under Clinton. What we had was the Internet bubble, and a bubble is not a sign of a healthy economy. It made a relative few people very rich, but most Americans saw their wages stagnate at best; what looked like improving income was really just an illusion, sort of Trickle-Up Economics. And then that bubble collapsed, just in time for Bush's seizure of power. (If you want more information about this, look for Robert Pollin's book Contours of Descent; but the basic stats are probably available on the web.) Clinton was also terrible on foreign policy, responsible for the deaths of even more people than Bush -- and that's saying something.

Bush was a terrible President, but he did what he wanted to do: he served the rich and stomped on the poor. I think that the reason a lot of people, not just Americans, are so ecstatic over Obama, is that they're mistaking relief (at the end of Bush's rule) for positive happiness. But as Obama shows himself to be another Reagan Democrat (and he's spoken of his admiration for Reagan), I think a lot of the ecstasy will fade. What will happen then I don't know, but I suspect that the Hope will turn to Despair.

Pan's Island said...

I'm a Canadian too - a relatively young Canadian at that (21) so forgive me my next comment since I didn't actually experience this period, but I liken Obamarama to Trudeaumania. I love Obama - mostly, because he's the first real politician I've seen that seems genuinely good - like he hasn't been tainted by politics. He's young, he's energetic, sincere, he comes from a background in civil rights law. You can see his personality in all aspects of his politics - much like Trudeau. And most of all, I like his realistic message of hope. But I don't think there's anything wrong with you because you maybe don't see these things - not everyone loved Trudeau and that's fine too - keeps those politicians humbled and honest :)

The Parks said...

All I can say is, I'm grateful to live in a country of term limitations and opportunities for frequent elections. If we don't like where something is going, we have an opportunity to make a change (although it may not come as swiftly as we would like), and at least this last campaign inspired more to take part in the process.

I'm just dissapointed that it wasn't Mitt Romney on the ticket for the GOP.

Debbie West said...

I have to agree, I don't see the greatness everyone else does, I am a Republican, but that is not why I feel this way, I just feel like he might be over blown by the media, and we might be for a real let down when all the air starts leaking out of that big balloon. It has nothing to do with race or which side of the isle you sit on, I just have a sinking feeling... and the money spent outraged me, they have been preaching for months what a bad mess our economy is in, I would have been outraged if a Republican spent this much also. I'm waiting for the other shoe to fall. I didn't like Hotel Califoria either...didn't see what all the fuss was about.

niks4u said...

What are u missing?I guess nothing.If you don't feel right about something, you just don't. As far as i am concerned he is just another president who will hopefully do his job right.The world is really expecting a lot from him and he will have a hard time to fulfill their expectations.As an Indian i hope his approach towards Pakistan is consistent with his comments and he is able to pull the economy out of troubled waters.

MadredeEzekiel said...

I love Obama. I respect people's opposing opinions; in fact my father in law and I consistently have the same disagreement about him everytime we see one another, but it doesn't upset me.

I believe it all boils down to a generation thing. Those of us Americans in our 20 somethings weren't raised with segregation and all that stuff. So, it isn't that he's black, but he's DIFFERENT. He's not afraid to step outside of his party, he's not afraid to offend... and for God's sake, anyone with the middle name Hussein is ridiculously brave to even be involved in politics.

To avoid blabbing, I'll sum it up this way. This was my first time voting- I have been ashamed of my country's past few presidents, in fact, everyone from FDR on.. yes, includinf Kennedy, Reagan and Clinton. Obama gave a sense of unity, strength, confidence and pride to my generation. He has a lot of challenges ahead, but I fully support him because I chose him as my president- he's nothing like the lame-o's former generations have elected to royally screw America over.

PS- love your blog, I discovered it today!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I fisrt started following your blog when it showed up on blogs of note, and I must say, i do love it. It's fresh and makes me think.
As for obama, I feel the same way you do, I can't get what people see in him. I will say that I am a very conservative republican and voted for GW both times and I am sure that I am a little biased.
Everything around his campaign and election and inauguration make me think we've just crowned a king. ANd it seems like people think the President is a KING, when in fact he is not. There are checks and balances to make sure one branch of government doens't get out of control. Sure Bush didn't do a lot of things right, but he still was a good president, a good MAN, (which is all we are, men and women) and I think he tried his best with the hand dealt to him. And Obama will make mistakes too and in 4 or 8 years are we going to slake him as the worst president in history b/c of the things he didn't do right? It's so easy to focus on all the bad things.
Also, as an Army wife, my husband has told me that there are more people grateful that there is a military presence in their country. Yes, we have lost lives (we lost someone in our company just a week ago) but look at other wars we've faught in, the world wars, our revolutionary war, the vietnam war. Our losses have been far less over a much longer time (in some cases) than most of those wars.
I do HOPE that Obama can deliver on some of the things he wants to change, I just don't want to hand out my hard earned money to those unwilling to do for themselves. We are a one income family and we make it work.
"Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetim."
I hope we teach instead of feed.

Artmaker - Cecilia Price said...

Well, here's my viewpoint on Barack Obama. I am in Alabama. I wasn't for him at all, because I was for Hillary, all the way. I was pissed for a while after it went the way it did.

But then, little by little, I began to listen to him. I began to see what he was saying. Then I read "The Audacity of Hope" and made it my business to find out every single thing I could about this man.

Finally when election day came, there I was, standing in line, probably the only democrat in the line, ready to vote for Obama. I'm so glad I did. We need new ideas, we need someone who is brilliant, yet compassionate.

Glad I found your blog!!! Come check out mine!


Anonymous said...

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