Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My New Bicycle

Gosh, my previous post about my two brothers was supposed to be funny, but folks felt it sounded kind of sad, and it wasn't meant to be. Ah, well ... I guess any stories about my brothers can tend to sound -- strange. So I have taken it down, and instead let me tell you about my new bicycle. Yes. I bought it today and I rode it home from work. It's not brand new, it's second-hand, just in case I don't ride it all that much. But now that spring is here, Vancouver -- and especially Kitsilano -- is perfect for bike riding.

My new bike is a beach cruiser, and it even has a basket on the front that I can load up when I steal pick the daisies in the daisy fields in Jericho Park. I picked these daisies there one summer, and did a little painting of them. They're in a cranberry glass vase that belonged to my mother. I had never painted glass before this attempt, and I was quite pleased at how it turned out. I figured out the trick was not to try to paint the glass, but to paint what is behind it, or might be reflected in it. Not bad for a first attempt, don'tcha think? Well, it's a gorgeous spring evening here in Vancouver, the sun is still out (yes, sunshine in Vancouver...!) so I think I will go outside and ride my new bike for a while. If anyone asks who that is picking the flowers in Jericho Park, ssshhhh... don't tell anyone you know me.


Country Girl said...

I'd love to have a bike like that. Oh, what fun!

Kym said...

So sorry Jo...I misread your last post...

Patsy said...

Jo.... I think the bicycle is a great idea, as long as the traffic isn't as bad there as it was here when I had my bike.

And I really like your painting and your particular style.

Patsy said...

I would like to see a photo of your bike. When I was young I had a blue bike, girl's style, with a basket on the front too. I used to go to the market for my mom and put little bags of stuff in it.

The basket on the front of the biks makes it harder to steer. Basket on the back is much better for your balance.

Deb said...

I love riding my bike also too bad we don't live closer we could steal I mean borrow flowers together, my Mom gave me a cute little basket for mine for Christmas, happy bicycling!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Enjoy your bicycle and the daisies. Love your painting.

scarlethue said...

Aw, I missed the other post. I love to read about people's family relations, especially siblings. I have an... odd... relationship with my two brothers as well. I blogged about it at the end of January, called "thoughts on siblings."

I like your painting! You're very talented. If I tried to paint flowers and glass it would look like, well, a mess.

nomore said...

Here is just rainy I'll take my old bicycles out for some ride tomorrow...sunshine on my shoulder~~ make me happy~~~

TheChicGeek said...

LOL, Jo...I just stepped into Jo's magical world :) Your painting is beautiful. You are such a wonderful artist. I love picturing you riding your bike around the town with a basket full of flowers and a big smile on your face!
Have Fun Sweetie :) I'm happy for you!

ivan said...

HAL says, "Daisy, Daisy..."

introspection said...

hi jo, I think you took one of your posts while I was reading it. One minute it was there and the next it was gone. Is it right though ? coz I seem to miss 2 of them :
1) The Moving Finger writes
2) What if ?
I cannot read either of these, though they are both sitting on my dashboard. When I click them on my reading list it says 'Sorry, the page cannot be found. Go to the home page' and on your blog page these are not listed. so which of these is really there and which of these is not ? I need to know. Thanks.
I think having bicycle is wonderful. I used to ride to/from college with my friends. There were 4 of us and we would ride together - Occupy almost the entire lane..!! it was fun. On the way back we would dismount at a road side joint to have handmade ice cream during March/April. Oh what lovely days...!!
Enjoy the bicycle rides Jo. And pick up the daisies. Stolen ones are far more exciting..!!

Miss_Nobody said...

Lovely painting :) I am no good at it lol have fun riding!!

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

I live too far from work to take a bicycle, but I bought myself a scooter just over a year back and I love it. It give you a much more free feeling than sitting in a car.
The painting is beautiful. Do you hang your paintings in your house or do you pack them away. They sould be hung.

SweetPeaSurry said...

Ohh congrats on the new bike. I've been getting my bike prepared to be used in the spring as well. I'm excited. I hope I don't fall though, I haven't ridden in a while. (laughs)

bright blessings

lovelyprism said...

I am so envious! I have been looking at bicycles just like that for a while now and I would love to have one. No doubt I'd come home with a basket full of flowers too. I love all your paintings, I especially love this one because my Mothers favorite flowers were daisies and she's been on my mind a lot lately. Happy Riding!

Nancy said...

I'm a night owl so - Good night! It was sooo fun hearing your voice! How'd you do that?

DUTA said...

And please don't forget the helmet.

introspection said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
introspection said...

I am back with a new thought after one of the comments I just read.
Jo, your paintings are lovely and besides being beautiful in their rawness; they are also extremely thematic. It would interest me to know exactly how many paintings of your own do you have in all, how often do you paint, and what medium do you normally use. Is it water colors only or do you dabble in canvass and oil too? I guess it is not my business to know all this, but I asked all this with a thought in my mind, which I will ceratinly put forth once I know these details.
so here's something to ponder...!!!

the walking man said...

This beach cruiser isn't one of those three wheel jobs is it? Because if it is you could add a trailer and ste...uhh gather a whole field of daises.

Bagman and Butler said...

My wife and I just replenished the air pressure in our beach bikes yesterday. Yea, Spring! I like the idea of picking flowers on your bike trips...kind of like your are going to pedal for petals.

nomore said...

Oh, soft ~ as the voice of an angel~~As if the 'Vancouver broadcasting stations'the famouse announcer...Anyway you have a nice voice.....

introspection said...

Gosh I did'nt realise it till I saw the last comment..!! My computer voice is normally set at mute. I had no clue abt this beautiful audio.
yeah you have a great voice Jo. You should switch jobs. Become a voice over artist or a TV anchor some thing.
Sorry I completely missed the voice thing.

Ruby Isabella said...

Hooray!! A bicycle! Cycling is a fantastic activity!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo! Loved your little podcast, what a great idea. Just like the bike, also a great idea, you make me feel very lazy, but with trying to be environmentally responsible I am thinking it might be a fun and fit way to get around. The art is great, I wish I could do that.

Anonymous said...

Daisies are my favourite flowers and I just absolutely love that picture, you.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I don't think that early brush with the law had much effect. Jo, you are incorrigible. :-)

You are also very talented. I love the daisies! I could picture those on my wall also.

Sorry I missed the post about your brothers. Enjoy your bike!

Leslie: said...

I am SO jealous! That's the kind of bike I want, too, ever since riding one along the Strand from Manhattan Beach to Redondo Beach (California) 2 years ago! Where can I get one?

Paula Slade said...

Lovely picture Jo, and bike riding is so much fun! Enjoy the ride, the park and the pick! ;-)

Anonymous said...

love the post!! Love the bike idea as well.. How ecofriendly!! Good job!

Jelica said...

I've been thinking about buying a bike and started cycling again (after so many years) and I think your post is a push in the right direction :)

jackc50 said...

i read your lost post....i didn't think it was sad at all. oh well people read what they want to. you should re-post it. can you do that? have fun on the bike, it's a great way to get around, be good and enjoy the night...jack c

Jo said...

CountryGirl, it's wonderful...!

Kym, that's okay. :-)

Lorna, I didn't know that about the baskets. Thanks! I rather like the basket on the front. :-)

Deb, Don't you just love the basket? I feel like Jessica Fletcher.

Kathy, thank you!

Scarlethue, you might be surprised at how good you might be if you tried painting!

Nomore, oh, I imagine bicycling where you live is wonderful!

TheChicGeek, well, it has been a while, so right now I am concentrating on just staying on the bike. *heh*

Ivan, "Give me your answer, dooooo"

Introspection, a bike ride and handmade ice cream? Omigosh, that sounds like heaven on earth!

Miss Nobody, I'll bet if you tried to paint, you might be quite good!

Firefly, some of the paintings are in my house, and some are in my daughter's house. And ... I LOVE scooters! You're so lucky!

SweatPeaSurry, oh, gosh, no! Don't fall! Don't even think about it. Just have fun!

LovelyPrism, daisies are one of my favorite flowers too. Daisies and tulips. I love to paint them.

LoverOfLife, *heh* That was done through Gabcast. I took it down for now.

DUTA, oh, gosh, no, helmets are the law here. Thanks! :-)

Introspection, thank you! I started out using watercolors, but now I like to use watercolor pencils and colored pencils. They have more control. So it's sort of a combination of drawing and painting.

Mark, LOL. I could just see me pedalling up 4th Avenue with a trailer full of flowers. *heh*

Butler and Bagman, pedal for petals. I love it! Yes! That will be my bumper sticker. "I pedal for petals".

Nomore, thank you. I have taken the voice down now.

Introspection, thank you! At one time I was the voice of the Vancouver Maritime Museum, believe it or not!

Ruby, I'll bet you love chasing bikes, too, hey? *heh*

Book Pusher, you might be surprised -- take some art classes, and you might discover you have a hidden talent. It's amazing.

SarahA, thank you very much! It's one of my favorites too.

Carla, I can hardly wait for the weekend, when I can get outdoors and "pedal for petals". *heh*

Leslie, you can get one at SportMart. They have all kinds!

Paula, thank you! I may pick some more daisies and do another painting.

Patricia, well, I don't own a car, so a bike is actually a step up for me. *heh*

Jelica, oh, do! Buy a bike! Get outdoors and have fun. Let us know how you make out.

JackC50, I have re-posted my last post. I'm glad you liked it.

white crow said...

i swear again that i didn't kno that was a painting until i read yo post.
u make it a compulsion for me to put on my specs.
the flowers are so real!!!

Unknown said...

So happy for you! I have been bicycling since I was seven. I used to ride my bike from dorm to college classes in early 70's, to work on the streets of San Francisco in the mid 70's, and then my hubby and I discovered mountain biking while in - yep, Canada! - in 1986. We have been riding our mountain bikes into the sunset together since then. It's gorgeous out in nature, and there is less chance of getting run over by cars (which happened to me while commuting by bike in the 90's). Many happy times in the saddle! Good on you!